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Found 2 results

  1. I have Vista 32 bit home ultimate on Dell 9200, it has 2 HDD but no RAID Regulalry run CCCleaner and it is protected with Kaspersky anti-virus. I was trying to install an app, and it failed to complete each time ... manufacturer asked me to boot up in safe mode and install from there. It failed every time I tried to boot up in Safe mode. sequence steps --- Boot up using F8 .. and get Safe Mode option, but when I select it ... trundles through a load of files on screen then stops ... the last file is always the same crcdisk.sys I can leave it for ages .. loads of HDD activity but never compl
  2. 1st one is how do I go on in safe mode ? I just can't remember for the life of me how to do that. 2nd I have a windo that popsup when I first boot up.....it saysC:\users\jo\appData\local\temp\system\mapcmdrun.exe and will not go off unless I allow it to run..... when I click run in about 1 sec it is off, but comes right back as soon as I reboot. I have tryed to set the recovery date back about a week before I first saw this come on., it will not complete the recovery. It says I have a virus protection plan running. I have turned it off and the same thing it comes back
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