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  1. If you have Screen Time enabled, and haven't yet added PC Matic to the Always Allowed list, you might want to do so now. In fact, it should be mandatory upon installation. I just discovered that if the feature kicks in when a sub-feature like Downtime or App Limits triggers it, it will prevent the app from running until you return to your Mac, leaving your Mac vulnerable to malware and attacks. To resolve this issue, you must perform the following steps: Open "System Preferences" from either the Apple contextual menu, the Dock, Launchpad, or the Applications folder in Finder. Click "Screen Time" to open the Screen Time preferences. Click the "Always Allowed" tab. Click the search bar, and enter "PC Matic". Check the box next to PC Matic. If a four-digit passcode is set, you will be prompted to enter it. The attached image shows what the window looks like when you complete the above steps. After that, you shouldn't encounter anymore issues with Screen Time stopping PC Matic from running. I hope every end-user of PC Matic for Mac finds this article helpful. I'd hate to see what would happen to other PC Matic users if Screen Time did this to them, too.
  2. I have had PC Matic for some time now. At first all 5 devices I had listed to be covered were, in fact, covered. Lately, two of the devices are not being scanned at all.
  3. After completing a PC Matic scan, and then selecting to "Fix All", I usually get a results screen at the end. This time, instead of getting a results screen, I received an error screen, and it directed me to these forums for help. I then had to kill PC Matic, as I couldn't get the error screen to go away. Upon trying to go back in to PC Matic, I received the same thing. Please see the attached file that shows the last "loading" screen I saw, and the other file, which shows the error screen that I received.
  4. Hello, My mother-in-law has a nasty adware virus on her laptop called Offers4U. I have uninstalled all non-essential programs, uninstalled all Chrome Extensions, run PC Matic a dozen times, and even completely uninstalled and re-installed Google Chrome. Nothing seems to work and there is very little support for this online. I have made their laptop functional by finally installing adblock and popup block extensions for Chrome. This is working, but it is just a bandaid. I need this removed - any support is appreciated. PS - Why doesn't PC Matic remove this? Thanks
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