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Found 5 results

  1. I just switched from Avast secure browser to Firefox. I'm paying for Avast Pro and Malwarebytes Premium. Adaware Antivirus Free version. Uninstalled CCcleaner because I heard it was compromised and contained malware. Anyone have any suggestions about what antivirus/malware programs work best with Firefox, freeware or paid for? Trying to get rid of what dosn't work and keep or find what does. No current computer issues. Thanks
  2. I got an email the other day it was labled Titanium TV Box. I opened it to see what it was all about and when I Xed out of it to destroyed all my browser certificates and was unable to get on the internet at all. I tried everything which is more than the average bear would know but to no avail. Was only able to go to settings and renew my OS which deleted all my apps. Having a lot of fun. Hope this helps someone. Just delete this email..... Maybe the guys in pcmatic will see this and fix it
  3. When I run the scan programs I use are getting tagged as malware etc to auto repair... how do I stop this? I do not want them removed.
  4. A few minutes ago my son came to me saying something was wrong with the computer and when I got there, I had a message to contact some 877 number to get some type of malware off of my machine and trying to close the window did nothing. I ended up closing through Task Manager and got the window to close and I intended to run PCMatic to make sure I have not picked up an infection. Only to discover my icon for PCMatic is missing and trying to connect through the icon in the tray is giving me a message that I do not have PCMatic on my computer though the icon for supershield is still there. Searching for the folder I can see PCMatic files are still there but attempting to click on the exe file is not working. My intention was to restart my machine but was concerned about the malware hijacking my system before Supershield restarted. Any advice, please. James
  5. I have Win Xp, using google chrome for my browser. I have run several scans on my computer, SuperAntispyware, Spybot Search and Destroy, Malwarebytes and other than Superantispyware finding the normal things the other scans have come back with finding no problems, but I know something is in my computer , it is acting strange like it has this on and off kind of whiny sound like its spinning out of control, like a loud on and off hum kind of hard to explain. It only does this when something is wrong. I would like to submit an HJT Scan, but forgot where to go to do it and how to do it and then where do I submit the scan for review. Thank you!
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