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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I've been looking all over for any information that could help me with my computer's (laptop, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 520) recent issues with connecting to the internet, but nothing has helped. A few days ago, the power went out briefly, and when it came back on, my computer was unable to connect to the internet. I tried resetting both the router and my computer several times, but it still wouldn't connect. I tried plugging the ethernet cable directly into the laptop, and it could not connect. I've tried disabling wifi, re-enabling it, updating network drivers, deleting and reinstallin
  2. With no prior problems, today my Sony laptop I have had for 5 years refused to boot. All I get is 1 long and 2 short beeps. Searching suggests it is a bad video card. Since it is a laptop, looks like I will have to replace the motherboard. I really hate that because I love Windows 7. Should I get this fixed or buy a new computer. I have upgraded it as shown below If I buy a new computer, should I get one with Win 7 or Win 8? Sony Vaio AR790U Originally Windows Vista 17" screen 8.4 lbs Upgraded to Win 7 Pro 4Gb Ram 128Gb SSD 500Gb HDD 3 USB 2.0 PORTS 1-HDMI 1-Ethernet 1000mbps
  3. Hello, Recently I have been experiencing a huge problem with my internet. My anti-virus, McAfee is apparently blocking my internet for some reason. It happens about every week or so, and I have to do a restore each time. And the funny thing is I have wifi hooked up to my modem, and for some reason that works. Thanks in advance, IronIngot
  4. I have a 2008(?) Sony VAIO, Model #PCG-5K2L laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium OEMAct. It takes forever to start up, and now all the functions (opening new programs, new windows, etc.) are very slow. Today in the middle of work I got the blue screen of death and had to hold down the power key for a long time before it would reboot, very slowly. Has the time come to replace it or is there something I can do? I really like it otherwise. Thank you for your help!
  5. If you are annoyed with the message that you updates will be installed when after you click "Shutdown", this is for you. The simple way to do it is 1.Press Alt+F4 2. Change the pull-down menu from Install Updates and shutdown to shutdown only 3. Click OK Now Windows will shutdown without waiting for the updates to install. things to remember: The steps are not permanent, you need to do it every time updates for Windows are downloaded
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