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Found 7 results

  1. i figured this forum would be more suited than general discussions, but feel free to move it if you think otherwise. anyway, just curious as to what web browsers the contributors of pcpitstop use. i've moved exclusively to chrome recently after going back and forth between ie9 and firefox. i absolutely love it, it works exactly how i want a web browser to work. so, what are the rest of you using?
  2. PC Pitstop no longer works for me. It claims I am not ru nning IE, even thought I'm running the most current version.
  3. I'm running Windows XP Pro and using Outlook Express as my mail handler. My Outlook Express is tied in with IE 8 which I hardly ever use for a browser. Recently I have started getting script errors -- but for ONLY SOME of my mail. These error messages stay locked on my email inbox screen until I click a "No" button repeatedly. Sometimes, it takes 25+ clicks of "No" to disarm the error message window so that I can go & read or delete the email message The mail originates from vendors whom I do biz with and who use Aweber to mail to their list. I was told recently that Aweb
  4. Can anyone help me with this problem? I can't open internet explorer in Windows 8.1 after sleep mode. I've done a web search and a few of the answers were vague and others were just unhelpful. Can someone translate a solution or 2 into dumb English? Thanks, Becky
  5. Someone used my computer and installed a Korean media player "Gom Player" and now my Internet Explorer homepage is set to Daum.net and can't be changed. Once the homepage is changed in settings (or asked to be blank), and applied, there is no effect, and I'm looking the Daum homepage still. The Gom Player program has been uninstalled, but they must have packaged it with a bunch of insidious BS. I only even use IE because the Korean government forces people to use that browser for online banking, in addition to being forced to install a bunch of "safety" programs ("Keysecure" anyone?) in ord
  6. http://www.thewindowsclub.com/block-websites-internet-explorer-windows
  7. If you still one of the people that still use Internet Explorer and is having problems this may help, http://www.thewindow...ternet-explorer
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