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  1. I was looking to ship my old cpu and motherboard. Would it be safe to put the cpu in the socket and lock it down and not have it come out? I don't have anything to protect the pins during shipment.
  2. Dell Inspiron 5520 Windows 7 Home Premium Office Home & Business 2010 64-bit (just switched from 32-bit 1 week ago due to memory issues with Excel) 1TB drive / 8GB memory I've been running MS Office on this computer since I purchased it in late 2012, and never had any problems till recently. I am a heavy Excel user, which is what I am having trouble with. I'm not sure if PCMatic has any conflicting issues with Excel, but it's coincidental with the timing of the issues with Excel and the purchase of PCMatic a few weeks ago. I'm also not sure if it's a memory setting with my computer. So, here are some statistics I'm seeing. Note these are when using one particular Excel file that I use almost daily. But also note that I have used this file for two years with no problems whatsoever; it's only recently that I have started encountering these issues. File size is 371kb \ When copying/pasting formulas Task Manager says CPU Usage: 1-2%, Physical Memory: 96-98% / This will go on for over 30 minutes, slowly crunching the calculation, while Excel says "Not Responding" and the mouse pointer just sits there spinning. Also note that while not running Excel, Physical Memory runs approx. 35-45%, mostly due to MS Outlook and Google Chrome. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.
  3. Yesterday I decided to build my PC, just to get the feel of building one. I figured I mind as well start a budget build for experience, and an overall decent computer. After building it and turning it on, I was greeted with five fast beeps. I realized there was a problem, so I checked what those must have meant. After, searching, I realized it meant there was a Cpu error, I don't know how to fix this issue. I have already reseated the cpu, checked to see if its pins were bent, but now I am out of ideas. Not sure if it matters,but I am using a A-10 6800K processor from AMD and a FM2-A55M-E33 from MSI. Please help, I am lost on this one...
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