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  1. i figured this forum would be more suited than general discussions, but feel free to move it if you think otherwise. anyway, just curious as to what web browsers the contributors of pcpitstop use. i've moved exclusively to chrome recently after going back and forth between ie9 and firefox. i absolutely love it, it works exactly how i want a web browser to work. so, what are the rest of you using?
  2. I was pretty doubtful when they said that you can Fold in your Chrome browser. I mean, naturally, the only thing to get a machine up and running is to install the [email protected] client, but I just checked around there and they're still running the old client, version 7.4.4 for several years already. Now I see an option beneath it to run Folding in the browser without installing anything. I highly doubt the quality of the folding is going to be that great, though. The only problem with this approach is that, if you close the window, it stops folding, so you might want to get a client instead. It does use Chrome's NaCl modules, so it does account for something. Like, folding on a Chromebook?
  3. Chrome Privacy Manager for the Google Chrome Web Browser Manage privacy settings, data deletion, quickly access page in incognito mode, manage cookies and monitor network traffic. Full Description and download in the Chrome Web Store
  4. Hello, I dislike the lack of ability to choose a page to substitute the "New Tab" page in Chrome, and I prefer avoiding third party software and the complications that come with it when possible, so I thought that the best solution would be editing chrome.dll to force the behaviour. However, I have limited knowledge of C (That is what this language is, right?), so I would greatly appreciate some help from someone more knowledgable. I have version 21.0.1180.89, and I think that I found the new tab resource by searching chrome.dll in Resource Hacker for "If we wanted to maintain position we could remove 'maximum-scale' so," which I pulled from the source code of the new tab page. The only hit was BINDATA > 756 > 0. From googling around, I think that to change the page to Google, I need to add "window.location = 'https://www.google.com/';" but I am not quite sure where, and my semi-random guessing has not worked so far. Does anyone have some advice on how to go forward from here?
  5. Add Secret “Purge Memory” Button in Google Chrome’s Task Manager (Thanks to AskVG) (As you can see, I've got mine. )
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