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  1. I am running a Dell Inspiron 1525 SE laptop, Intel Core 2 Duo, Windows 7 Home, Dell MB 0U990C, Chipset Mobile PM965/GM965/GL960, Onboard Sound enabled: Sigmatel 9205. When I connect the HDMI cable to an HDTV I get video but no audio via the HDMI; I do get audio through the laptop speakers and headphone jacks. Device manager shows two sound drivers enabled and "working properly": Intel High Defintion Audio HDMI ver. dated 6/6/2007 and SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC ver. dated 2/15/2008. Both PCMatic and Device Driver report that I have the latest versions of these drivers. The Control Panel Sound Playback Tab shows 2 devices: Speakers/Headphones (default) and Digital Output Device (SPDIF out) (ready) both controlled/managed by the SigmaTel CODEC. The SigmaTel interface only gives options to control the two headphone jacks and the laptop speakers, nothing for HDMI. I did reinstall the SigmaTel Driver to ensure I did not skip some setting for HDMI in the set-up and there was none. I found some other dated reports of this problem on the internet after users upgraded from Vista to Win 7 and suggesting that it was a driver problem. I seem to recall using HDMI out on this laptop and having audio via HDMI at sometime in the past, so my problem may have started when I upgraded to Win 7 also (more than a year ago), but had not had a need to use HDMI (again) until recently and encountered the problem. I searched for an updated Intel Audio driver, thinking it may be the control for HDMI, and found ver. but release notes for the package it was in indicated it was not for my Chipset versions, so I have not tried to install it for fear of creating more problems. Any suggestions for getting HDMI audio working?
  2. Okay, so I have a very annoying problem, should be an easy fix, but I'm not sure what to do. I've literally tried researching and fixing this for about 12 hours over a three-day span. I have an Afterglow Universal Wireless Gaming Headset. I had Windows 7 on my PC for about two days now. The problem started in Windows 7, I've been thinking about upgrading to Windows 8 for about a week now, so long story short. I installed Windows 8 just to see if I liked it, and in hopes that it would fix the problem with my headset. It didn't. I still have Windows 8 and wiped Windows 7 off my HDD. Anyway, the headset is Universal, it works on my Xbox 360, Phone, PS3, and I plugged it into my brothers Computer just to see if it worked properly. On his PC it came up as a headset, but with no mic. When it was working properly, I'd just plug the wireless receiver in and the headset would show up as 'Afterglow Universal Wireless Gaming Headset' under playback devices and record-able devices. Now, when I plug it in nothing shows up, unless I use the VIA HD Deck Manager to specifically set it to headphone/speakers. Then it shows up as a speaker or headphone and works properly. However, if I set it to 'Microphone', same as before, only the mic will not work at all. It does work on the Xbox 360 and everything else properly, just not my PC. So I know it's not a faulty headset, just a configuration or driver problem with my PC. I'm fairly Computer savvy but I've never had a reason to mess with anything audio-hardware related before. I've tried rolling back my sound cards drivers to see if that would fix the problem, but it hasn't. I've tried updating the sound cards drivers, but it was already updated to the most recent. Every once in a while when I try to plug the receiver in, it will update like I've never put the headset in before, but after it updates the same problem occurs. Another thing I've noticed is, that well, the headset powers on by a button, when I plug in the wireless receiver in my USB slot, and check playback/recording devices, it shows up as 'VIA High Definition Audio' instead of the old 'Afterglow Universal Wireless Gaming Headset' and looks just like it used to when the headset was working properly, excluding the name. However, as soon as I turn the actual headset itself on, both those options disappear from the playback/record menus and I'm just left using the headset as a pair of headphones. While using Windows 7, I hadn't updated or changed anything that would relate to the headset in any way, so I'm fairly certain an update didn't mess with a driver anyhow. Also, when I have the USB Wireless Receiver plugged in, I had Device Manager open looking at my Sound Card, and realized that 'Afterglow Universal Wireless Gaming Headset' shows up under the 'Sound, video and game controllers' tab in the Device Manager. However, as soon as I turn the headset on, it disappears as well. Same results if I unplug the wireless receiver, which is obvious. Also, under Device Manager, when the Wireless Receiver is plugged in, a few things pop up under the 'Human Interface Devices' tab. Under 'Audio inputs and outputs', both the VIA High Definition audio and mic, along with the 'Afterglow Universal Wireless Gaming Headset' are both showing up, but they're both from the same headset. I have nothing else plugged in. I'm not sure if I can, or how to post screen-shots, but I will if possible. I've tried to clarify everything the best I can, but if I missed anything crucial or related, just let me know and I'll reply as soon as possible. I know it doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but it's very important that I have this headset working on my PC again. I literally use it every single day. I will try anything anyone comments that might fix it. Thanks in advance for any help, whether it fixes the problem or not. Computer Specs are still the same as written below. Windows 8.1 Pro - OS AMD FX-4130 Quad Core - Processor 4.GB - RAM 64Bit - Operating System VIA High Definition Audio - Sound card ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series - Graphics card 1 Terabyte - Hard Drive
  3. You can make the Operating System to "greet" you with a voice message. Here's how: Open Notepad and copy-paste this Dim speaks, speech speaks="your user name here or anything, Welcome to your Computer" Set speech=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice") speech.Speak speaks and the save it as .vbs extension move it to the folder C:Usersyour user name hereAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup source: Akhilesh Sharma, Tweakandtrick.com **example: Charlie, Welcome to your computer
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