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Found 4 results

  1. I have this pesky Rockettab adware that infected both of my browsers Chrome and Firefox. I tried looking for it in the add and remove programs manager in the control panel but I didn't see either program. I'm currently checking my registry for any leads. Does anybody know what I can do to remove this? This adware is killing me.
  2. Hello, My mother-in-law has a nasty adware virus on her laptop called Offers4U. I have uninstalled all non-essential programs, uninstalled all Chrome Extensions, run PC Matic a dozen times, and even completely uninstalled and re-installed Google Chrome. Nothing seems to work and there is very little support for this online. I have made their laptop functional by finally installing adblock and popup block extensions for Chrome. This is working, but it is just a bandaid. I need this removed - any support is appreciated. PS - Why doesn't PC Matic remove this? Thanks
  3. My Dell laptop (windows 7 firefox) has been infected by the adware Enformation/Enterprise 1.1 for going on 8 months now. It feels like I have done everything I could in attempt to remove this adware but to no avail. I have run the PC Matic twice as well, but it did not seem to resolve the issue. Does anyone know how to PERMANENTLY remove this adware from both my harddrive and my firefox adons? I have tried uninstalling it from my control panel as well as simply disabling it from my adons, along with following the steps from various websites, but nothing seems to be working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!
  4. I am reviewing PC Matic to see if I can get rid of an adware / malware virus that resides on my PC. It has hijacked my IE and FF browsers - and when I click links, click into a blank field to add data, etc., etc. anywhere from 1 to 2 new browser windows automatically pop up with ads of some product - mostly PC software to remove viruses, optimize my PC, etc. (PC Keeper, for example). Their are other ads that pop up as well - they look to be legit. I currently use Webroot as my virus software - they spent about 2 hours trying to eradicate all occurrences of 'video+ mediaplayer+' virus from my registry and my IE add-ons. I thought we had the problem solved, but nope - it's back, but I no longer see it in my IE add-ons or add-ons in FF. Has anyone heard of this virus How do I get rid of it - willing to buy PC Matic if it remove this virus.
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