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Found 6 results

  1. I've been meaning to ask this on here for about a year now. At the beginning of last year I built a new PC running Windows 8.1. Almost straight away I noticed that, at times, the whole system would run slowly. On checking the task manager it would show very high disk usage (anywhere from 40% to 100%). Of course I searched online about it, apparently it's been a common problem with Windows 8 since its release. Unfortunately, though, there were no actual fixes for the issue. I did a somewhat helpful tip that if I open the resource monitor, I can see more indepth detail about what's using the disk and causing the slowdown. Occasionally, in resource monitor, I can end processes and fix the issue. That depends on what it is like netcommservice... (I'll have to check the exact name when that is the one cause the issue), I might get other issues like no internet connection. Generally this slowdown occurs at startup or a resume from hibernation. Sometimes I have seen processes causing this and subprocesses seem to bery nearly every DLL on my computer (perhaps this is some indexing exe that has to scan everything). In any event, I would imagine someone on here has dealt with the problem before (though surprisingly I saw nothing on it when I searched the forums). If someone has some ideas please share your knowledge. This slowdown can range from a nuisance to infuriating and nearly crippling my computer until these mystery processes cease their actions (usually after 15-20 minutes).
  2. What is this "thing" above the start icon in Windows 8.1? As you can see, it blocks any messages a program may be giving me in the bottom, left frame of a window. How do I move it or get rid of it? screen capture freeware
  3. Can you have Windows 8.1 notify you when you have 25% or less of disk space left?
  4. Does Windows 8.1 have a Windows Experience Index like other editions of Windows? If so, where do you find it? I searched for it and found nothing, and it's not where it was in Windows 7. This is a new computer.
  5. Well, I'd hate to be a spoilsport, but the laptop that I had Debbie's folding stuff on just crashed. What's even worse is, I was planning on running points under Debbie on there for a whole month. This is what happens when a laptop goes out-of-warranty.
  6. I had to bring my laptop down for a little System Restore to fix a minor problem with why my Windows 8.1 apps wouldn't freakin' load, so I did that, but then I got concerned that Debbie's information would get wiped, so I checked in there, and OH WOW! It's still in here! But, I still had to go to the Windows Store to mend things with the stupid apps. Right now, I'm already still seeing slightly over 3k PPD on this work unit, PRCG 8569 (0, 0, 386) with over a day left to do on it.Although it occasionally freezes up since the CPU will reach Tj.Max (around 80°C is too hot for this little machine), I might have to find a better cooling pad.
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