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  1. Ok with in the last week I have been having some serious issues with my computer. Both of my browsers crash consistently chrome and firefox can't even use adobe flash to watch movies anymore says not enough memory. The computer just blanks out and blue screen comes up and says physical memory dump. I removed a bunch of stuff of my computer and nothing works. I do the pcpitstop optimize scan and pay for the program to fix it now my AVG antivirus interface does not work won't even open up. I can't take it anymore. Can somebody please assist it would be greatly appreciated. I have operating syste
  2. Can someone please help me? I am working on an win xp Sp3, home edition laptop that up until about a week ago was working like a charm. However, something seems to have gone bad , and Isuspect it's a virus I can't get rid of.CPU is running at 100%, I get error messages when I try to install software; especially any kind of diagnostic software...When I try to open some programs, I get error messages such as: "The application or DLL name.DLL is not a valid windows Image. Please check this against your installation diskette.""the server threw an exception, clas ID xxxxxx" "xxxxxx is not a vali
  3. iamgem The problem I am encountering with PC Matic is the scanning ends with an error reported during the High Level Threat Scan with the message that an error has occurred and PC Matic must close. Up to that point every scan works exactly as it it should (and I suspect that every scan after will do so as well). I have not installed Super Shield because I know that there is a conflict between it and the current antivirus software that I use (Spyware Doctor with Antivirus). I have had no problems over the 2 years that I have been using both programs together (both programs are currently upt
  4. Someone used my computer and installed a Korean media player "Gom Player" and now my Internet Explorer homepage is set to Daum.net and can't be changed. Once the homepage is changed in settings (or asked to be blank), and applied, there is no effect, and I'm looking the Daum homepage still. The Gom Player program has been uninstalled, but they must have packaged it with a bunch of insidious BS. I only even use IE because the Korean government forces people to use that browser for online banking, in addition to being forced to install a bunch of "safety" programs ("Keysecure" anyone?) in ord
  5. Hard drive recently crashed - folks at the pc store were nice enough to update my OS to Windows 7. Windows 7 has microsoft security essentials installed. On my previous platform I was running SpywareBlaster, AVG Antivirus, Spybot S&D, AdAware, and Malwarebytes. My question is should I have all these programs installed, or is it a bit excessive? Now that I have the microsoft security essentials installed, which ones should I have in addition? Are there any I'm missing from this list? Thanks!
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