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  1. If you have Screen Time enabled, and haven't yet added PC Matic to the Always Allowed list, you might want to do so now. In fact, it should be mandatory upon installation. I just discovered that if the feature kicks in when a sub-feature like Downtime or App Limits triggers it, it will prevent the app from running until you return to your Mac, leaving your Mac vulnerable to malware and attacks. To resolve this issue, you must perform the following steps: Open "System Preferences" from either the Apple contextual menu, the Dock, Launchpad, or the Applications folder in Finder.
  2. I downloaded the NCH "Moneyline" on line banking program only for the checkbook balancing feature. There was spyware/malware in the program that PCMatic did not catch. PCMatic ran several scans after the spyware download but it was never detected or removed. Hackers got my personal information and went to a bank branch in CA to try to withdraw money from my checking account. The Branch Manager stopped the withdrawal due to suspicious looking (fake) ID. Spent five nerve racking days changing all my bank and credit card accounts. The imposter also bought a SIM card from a Verizon store usi
  3. Hi, I'm 'evergreen' and recently reading news about undetectable malware ( https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/11/newly-discovered-titanium-backdoor-employs-clever-ways-to-go-undetected/ ). Got me to wondering if SuperShield could effectively counter this and/or if additional research & development was being focused on this kind of nasty. Thoughts and comments?
  4. Hours after two successful scans had bright red full screen malware with following: "Internet Security Alert! Code: 055BCCAC9FEC" URL begins: https://muitomasjhs.info/ lengthy string follows above Phone number to call to request help from Microsoft was (888)374-9888 Normal actions to close ineffective but able to close Chrome from taskbar. What action is needed to clear and block future infection? If logs are needed will need instructions.
  5. I have this pesky Rockettab adware that infected both of my browsers Chrome and Firefox. I tried looking for it in the add and remove programs manager in the control panel but I didn't see either program. I'm currently checking my registry for any leads. Does anybody know what I can do to remove this? This adware is killing me.
  6. I received this block from my Facebook today.... Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned It looks like your computer is being affected by malware. We’ll help you fix the problem to keep your account secure and prevent malware from spreading to friends. Malware is software that tries to steal personal information and causes problems when you use Facebook. Clicking or sharing links that contain spam can give your computer malware. When I first got it I ran a scan using PCMatic two times. When I attempted to log back on to Facebook I received this error. Facebook requires I allow Tren
  7. Can someone please tell me why PC Matic isn't catching this? I have gotten it twice on my own laptop and once on another laptop that PC Matic is supposed to be protecting. Also, how to make sure the malware is removed? I'm disappointed that PC Matic isn't protecting our machines from this.
  8. Hello, My mother-in-law has a nasty adware virus on her laptop called Offers4U. I have uninstalled all non-essential programs, uninstalled all Chrome Extensions, run PC Matic a dozen times, and even completely uninstalled and re-installed Google Chrome. Nothing seems to work and there is very little support for this online. I have made their laptop functional by finally installing adblock and popup block extensions for Chrome. This is working, but it is just a bandaid. I need this removed - any support is appreciated. PS - Why doesn't PC Matic remove this? Thanks
  9. Does anyone know how to remove from PC? Uninstall does not do it. Comes back with "you do not have sufficient access to uninstall. Please contact system administrator.
  10. Hi, I'm going nuts trying to get Malware off of my computer. I think it's just on Firefox because I'm on Opera and I'm not getting those spam screens. When I discovered the problem, I downloaded Housecall and thought it would take maybe an hour - well, it's six days later and it's currently at 83%. This is not the first Housecall that was downloaded - once, it was at 85% and shut down. It keeps shutting down when in the 80 percentage. I thought perhaps there's too much stuff on my computer so I opened Windows Task Manager to see if there's something that I could delete. I d
  11. I am reviewing PC Matic to see if I can get rid of an adware / malware virus that resides on my PC. It has hijacked my IE and FF browsers - and when I click links, click into a blank field to add data, etc., etc. anywhere from 1 to 2 new browser windows automatically pop up with ads of some product - mostly PC software to remove viruses, optimize my PC, etc. (PC Keeper, for example). Their are other ads that pop up as well - they look to be legit. I currently use Webroot as my virus software - they spent about 2 hours trying to eradicate all occurrences of 'video+ mediaplayer+' virus fr
  12. I had a problem a few days ago and ran Avira. It came back with 91 viruses, cleared those out. Ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - It had hits, cleaned those out. Now my computer does not appear to like certain security settings but I might have just fixed that. The main issue that I am noticing now is that the process "dllhost.exe" is using a HUGE amount of system resources. As of right now between 11 and 46 on the task manager under CPU and the mem usage at 760,000 to 770,000 k. I tried to terminate the process and copy a new version of the file over to "reset" the program
  13. Ok with in the last week I have been having some serious issues with my computer. Both of my browsers crash consistently chrome and firefox can't even use adobe flash to watch movies anymore says not enough memory. The computer just blanks out and blue screen comes up and says physical memory dump. I removed a bunch of stuff of my computer and nothing works. I do the pcpitstop optimize scan and pay for the program to fix it now my AVG antivirus interface does not work won't even open up. I can't take it anymore. Can somebody please assist it would be greatly appreciated. I have operating syste
  14. I seem to have been infected with this malware in spite of running pitstop. Now I'm wondering how to remove it? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  15. Hey, I am new to this forum and like to stick around to learn more about various aspect in technology. However my first question and not the last one is my curiosity on restore softwares like Deep Freeze or Drive Vaccine. My question lies whether when a restore takes place does it remove the Virus or Malware from the system. Keep in mind, the restore point is in the same system as of the restore software. Any information will be great. Cheers
  16. iamgem The problem I am encountering with PC Matic is the scanning ends with an error reported during the High Level Threat Scan with the message that an error has occurred and PC Matic must close. Up to that point every scan works exactly as it it should (and I suspect that every scan after will do so as well). I have not installed Super Shield because I know that there is a conflict between it and the current antivirus software that I use (Spyware Doctor with Antivirus). I have had no problems over the 2 years that I have been using both programs together (both programs are currently upt
  17. Hi guys, my pc has been really laggy lately and i dont understand why? it lags in video games and when im on my homescreen and when im doing anything really. I do have Bullguard antivirus. and not much programs,i thought i had and ok pc... and i also ran Norton PC Checkup and it found nothing. Here are my specs: -------------------------------------- Summary -------------------------------------- Computer Brand Name: HP-Pavilion BT437AA-ABA s5623w Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Build 7601 Service Pack: Service Pack 1 Pro
  18. Hi, a few days ago my web browser started to run very slowly, using up almost 50% of my CPU most of the time. There is also some sort of redirect malware on my computer as sometimes I get sent to random links whenever I use a search engine. I'll post my log here. Any help would be greatly appreciated Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4 Scan saved at 6:03:27 p.m., on 29/08/2012 Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505) MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16448) Boot mode: Normal Running processes: C:\windows\system32\taskhost.exe C:\windows\system32\Dwm.exe C:\wind
  19. Someone used my computer and installed a Korean media player "Gom Player" and now my Internet Explorer homepage is set to Daum.net and can't be changed. Once the homepage is changed in settings (or asked to be blank), and applied, there is no effect, and I'm looking the Daum homepage still. The Gom Player program has been uninstalled, but they must have packaged it with a bunch of insidious BS. I only even use IE because the Korean government forces people to use that browser for online banking, in addition to being forced to install a bunch of "safety" programs ("Keysecure" anyone?) in ord
  20. Hello, I'm new to this community. Thanks for reading my topic. For the past few days i've been experiencing an annoying problem and would greatly appreciate some help fixing it. Every time i boot up my computer and when i make it to the desktop a Bad Image Error appear. I close the message and another message came up telling me the same problem. I red on one of the forums that this type of problem may be caused by malware. Here's what it says: DDE Server Window:iTunes.exe - Bad Image C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\iTunesMobileDevice.dll is either no
  21. I found this page with good information about what are them. http://www.emsisoft.com/en/kb/articles/tec120308/ Thanks to, Emisoft newsletter
  22. Hello all What started out looking like a minor problem or annoyance. Has now become a major headache & looks like a major problem. I was surfing the net, at my usual places. Im using Firefox's newest browser, because I know its safer the IE. I use the Noscripts add on, as well as their popup blocker all the time. And at the time the original problem started. I was also using Nortons 360, along with Malwarebytes. My problem originally started with what seemed like a minor loss of internet connection. But then every few minutes or half hour or hour. I would once again be disconnected
  23. Hard drive recently crashed - folks at the pc store were nice enough to update my OS to Windows 7. Windows 7 has microsoft security essentials installed. On my previous platform I was running SpywareBlaster, AVG Antivirus, Spybot S&D, AdAware, and Malwarebytes. My question is should I have all these programs installed, or is it a bit excessive? Now that I have the microsoft security essentials installed, which ones should I have in addition? Are there any I'm missing from this list? Thanks!
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