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  1. Hello to anyone out there, at this wonderful forum for helping people with computer & related problems. It's going to be kind of difficult & long, for me to try & explain what my problem is. And has been for over 1 month now. But I guess I'll start from the beginning, February 2nd, 2012. Like Im sure everyone else experiences every now & then,. I started having internet connection problems then. But mine wasn't the ordinary signal drops low because of ordinary drop off from signal strength. I would only lose connections when I was downloading, and in particular. When downloading a larger sized file.( like 100 MBs or larger. ) I called my internet provider about it, and they gave me a few "hardware" suggestions. In the past, I've had to replace splitters that went bad. So that was one thing they suggested I do. I also knew my modem was quite old. It was the original modem I got when I first signed up for broadband service with my company. So I went to their "store" & got myself 2 splitters, one for in the basement, and one for my room. And also a new modem. The modem came with a new cable that connects it to my computer too. So I replaced all of that hardware, hoping it would improve things. And it did, temporarily. So figuring it wasn't anything hardware related. I know called up my computer company, & after a short discussion about me explaining my problem to them. They suggested I reset/restore the computer back to its "factory settings". And once again, after doing this, for a short time. Everything worked fine. But the same problem came right back again. So now I was getting angry. I figured the only thing left that it could be, was that we still had the orginal cable line coming into the house. I made an appointment for them to come and replace that cable. They replaced the cable, and I still had the same problem. So now I know for sure it cant be a hardware problem, because everything is new. My computer is only 1 year old. Its a windows 7, originally made in 2010. I brought it in February of 2011. And had no problems with it until February of 2012. Its a Hewlett Pacard slimline, with a dual processor. Athlon ll 260. With 3GB DDR3 memory. I finally staretd to google my problem, to see if anyone else was having a similar problem with this system. And found out that in 2009, it seemed it was a system wide problem. That Microsoft eventually corrected. But why was I having it now then? Especially after it worked perfectly fine for a year. And even more puzzling, after having set it back to factory settings? Seems to me like that would be virtually impossible. Anyway, I tried a couple of the "fixes" that were suggested on those other forum threads. But none of them worked. I discussed the problem with my nephew, who told me it sounded like a "throttling" problem, being caused by my ISP. So again, I searched ;online & found a few sites you could test for such things. And ran their tests. This site was actually one of them. And with the results I got from all of those tests. It appears like the throttling idea also couldn't be the problem. My system passed with flying colors. So I also searched for tests that might show what was wrong with my system that could be causing the problem. Again, one of them was right here at this site ( I've used this site before, for other computer related problems. ) And those tests came up with varying results. But all showing things that were definetly wrong with my system. So I guess what I was wondering was, if I could post those results here. Is there anyone here who would more fully undersatnd my problem. And may be able to assist me thru correcting them? I had a basic idea of what was wrong with my system, and these tests pretty well confirmed my thoughts. IT seems I cant download for any extended period of time, ( like what you would need to download a large file ) Or at a set speed either. ( if I download at a slower speed, I dont get booted. At a faster speed, I do get booted. ) My network switches from network one, to network 2, which appears from the tests, to have no or extremely limited internet connectivity. Is this possible, considering for a full year, everything worked perfectly fine? Anxiously awaiting a reply & thank you for this forum so I could search for help. With this probelm that has been driving me nuts for the past month.
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