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  1. Windows 8 does not alert users to new Windows Updates like previous versions of Windows. Some people like Windows to "be quiet" and not alert them to updates for various reasons. For those of us who do rely on notifications to important Windows Updates this is a good free solution. Once I ran this software I was informed that I did indeed have 6 Windows Updates waiting to be downloaded and installed. Be sure to look at the see the documentation page for install instructions and Screenshots.
  2. Get the classic Start Menu back in Windows 8. http://majorgeeks.com/StartMenu8_d7934.html I'm not sure why but it does not run at startup for me like it's supposed to so I just put the .exe in my startup folder to solve that problem. It is v1.0.0 so maybe future updates will show some improvements but I like it as it is so far. Go to: C:Users{User Name}AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup Copy/Paste this file into the Startup folder: C:Program Files (x86)IObitStartMenu8StartMenu8.exe
  3. evilfantasy


    PrivacyFix - Your online privacy, simplified PrivacyFix keeps your Internet browsing private. Privacyfix Homepage
  4. The built in Windows Search, formerly known as Windows Desktop Search (WDS), is a nice feature on Windows computers for easily locating files and folders that you may not know the exact location of. However the built in search can be slow and doesn't always find what you know is there. Third party Windows search tools offer more robust features, are faster, and some even have add-ons. Everything Search Engine Everything Search Engine FAQ Find and Run Robot (FARR) Homepage and features FARR Features You Should Know About FARR Add-ons Wise JetSearch Wise JetSearch Help Center DocFetcher searches inside your document files! Find yourself looking through tons of documents? Try DocFetcher, a search tool that only searches for documents and text inside of documents saving you time.DocFetcher Downloads (also a portable version) DocFetcher Homepage and usage Extra note: If you have forgotten the name of the file or folder you are looking for, using the above search tools, you can type in a partial search term and search. Doing so will still list all of the files and folders containing those letters or numbers.
  5. evilfantasy


    Favekeeper is a tool to syncronize your favorites and bookmarks across browsers and devices. The "cloud" technology allows you to have your bookmarks wherever you log on to the Internet. Currently supports IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers and you must create a free account with Favekeeper. http://www.favekeeper.com http://www.favekeeper/FAQ.html
  6. NirLauncher by Nir Sofer has recently updated to include some useful tools to an lready stellar lineup. Download NirLauncher Package http://launcher.nirs...t/download.html Utilities List The following utilities are included in NirLauncher package. This list is automatically updated when a new NirLauncher package is released. Utility Name AlternateStreamView AltStreamDump AppCrashView Asterisk Logger AdapterWatch ActiveXHelper BatteryInfoView BulkFileChanger BulletsPassView ChromeCacheView ChromeCookiesView ChromeHistoryView ChromePass CleanAfterMe Clipboardic CurrPorts CSVFileView CustomizeIE CustomExplorerToolbar DeviceIOView DevManView Dialupass DiskCountersView DiskSmartView DLL Export Viewer DNSDataViewDomainHostingView DotNetResourcesExtract DriveLetterView DriverView ExifDataView FastResolver FavoritesView FirefoxDownloadsView FlashCookiesView GDIView HashMyFiles HeapMemView HTMLAsText HtmlDocEdit HTTPNetworkSniffer IconsExtract IECacheView IECookiesView IEHistoryView IE PassView InsideClipboard InstalledCodec IPInfoOffline IPNetInfo LiveContactsView LSASecretsDump LSASecretsView MACAddressView Mail PassView MonitorInfoView MozillaCacheView MozillaHistoryView MessenPass MUICacheView MetarWeather MyEventViewer MyLastSearch MyUninstaller MozillaCookiesView NetBScanner Network Password Recovery NetResView NetRouteView NetworkTrafficView NirCmd NK2Edit NTFSLinksView OfficeIns OpenedFilesView OpenWithView OperaCacheView OperaPassView OutlookAddressBookView OutlookAttachView OutlookStatView PasswordFox Password Security Scanner PCAnywhere PassView PingInfoView ProcessActivityView ProcessThreadsView ProduKey PstPassword Remote Desktop PassView RecentFilesView RegDllView RegFileExport RegFromApp RegScanner ResourcesExtract RouterPassView RunAsDate RunFromProcess SafariCacheView SafariHistoryView SearchFilterView SearchMyFiles SeqDownload ServiWin ShellBagsView ShellMenuNew ShellExView ShortcutsMan ShellMenuView SiteShoter SkypeLogView SmartSniff SniffPass SocketSniff SpecialFoldersView SysExporter TableTextCompare URLProtocolView URLStringGrabber USBDeview USBLogView UserAssistView UserProfilesView VideoCacheView VNCPassView Volumouse WakeMeOnLan WebBrowserPassView WebCamImageSave WebSiteSniffer WebVideoCap WhatInStartup WhatIsHang WhoisCL WhoisThisDomain WhosIP WinCrashReport WinFontsView WinLister WinPrefetchView WirelessKeyDump WirelessKeyView WirelessNetConsole WirelessNetView Wireless Network Watcher WinUpdatesList Most of NirSoft utilities are translated to other langauges by volunteers from around the world. In the following section, you can download all translations of the desired language in one zip file, and extract them into NirSoft folder with all other utilities. After you do that, you'll be able to use the utilities of NirSoft in your preferred langauge, as long as there is a translation file for the utility that you use. However, be aware that in many cases, the translation file might not be updated to the latest version of the utility. Dutch French German Italian Japanese Polish Russian Simplified Chinese Spanish Traditional Chinese
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