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Found 4 results

  1. Hoping the current running wu will finish in the next ~8 hours so it can be submitted instead of having to pause it. I will be shutting down my machine tonight at roughly 12AM CST due to an elevated risk of severe thunderstorms for tomorrow. Lots of times the warnings are put out and not even needed (boy crying wolf kind of thing) but I can't afford to replace any more hardware as of right now, so better safe than sorry! Lots of areas that could possibly see hail, damaging winds and even tornadoes. http://www.weather.com/storms/tornado/news/severe-weather-tornado-outbreak-forecast-midwest-south-apr-2015 Stay safe and please take shelter immediately if you're in a high risk area and a storm breaks out!
  2. http://patch.com/connecticut/southwindsor/chemo-forced-connecticut-teen-against-her-will Chemo is the worst possible way to treat any kind of cancer, disease, illness. Will we ever learn to actually cure our ailments instead of trying to profit off of someone else's expense, pain and misery? Doctor's and the pharmaceutical corporations have their nerve to treat us the way they do. I didn't start folding so as to support their greed, but to hopefully find a real cure someday. The folding@home program seems to be a great way to do so, just need to take the greed out of medical industry. Everything we need to know about health problems most likely can be found in our DNA, folding basically runs simulation of the 'what, where, how and why'.. so those who are part of the program are volunteers in finding possible cures. The hell with doctors and big pharma making any money off of that!! Otherwise it's only fair that they pay us folders for all of our contributions!! Read about this cause in Entreprenuer magazine last year (beware the f word is used). http://www.letsfcancer.com/
  3. So I mentioned that I have a Linux box that has a hard time keeping up with Folding@home task because when I came back to the house the other day, the machine was OFF, completely. But every other day when the machine is on, the machine turns off for no reason. Not to mention that it's running not quite as headless because it's connected through an S-Video jack to my tube TV. The other day I had just changed the CMOS battery, and the hard drive since it started doing the "click of death" thing. It's running off a power strip independant from the main tower CPU, which has the 550w PSU. The machine has a 400w PSU in it, and it also has a Radeon HD-4350 card inside. Should I look at my power setup and see what's going wrong, because something in the case is pulling down voltages and shutting the machine off. Maybe something along the lines on the same circuit, because every time it shuts down, the LCD screen up here glitches for a split second. Right, speaking of shutting off, how do I get Ubuntu 14.04 to turn off when you press the Power button?
  4. Man My machine was overclocked to 4.5GHz until I started my first attempt at folding. Had to take it down to 4.10GHz to avoid sitting at 85 to 90c. Think I am going to have to upgrade to water cooling in the future to really do some serious folding. Until then will have to go medium, Huzaah! Hope to help the team and make a dent! Well until I can afford it, it seems to run around 61c at 4.1GHz under a 100% load. So I guess water can wait for a bit.
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