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Found 6 results

  1. I received this block from my Facebook today.... Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned It looks like your computer is being affected by malware. We’ll help you fix the problem to keep your account secure and prevent malware from spreading to friends. Malware is software that tries to steal personal information and causes problems when you use Facebook. Clicking or sharing links that contain spam can give your computer malware. When I first got it I ran a scan using PCMatic two times. When I attempted to log back on to Facebook I received this error. Facebook requires I allow TrendMicro to go in and clean my computer, which I do not feel I need to do. I had TrendMicro for approximately 7-10 years before switching to PCMatic. Has anyone else ever experienced something like this from Facebook and is there any way around it. A bigger question is what can TrendMicro clean that PCMatic has missed, and how does Facebook even know? Facebook will NOT allow me to sign in until I approve the clean.
  2. CloudAnd.me is service that can sync all your images from Google+ and Facebook into the Dropbox. Even you can sync all Dropbox image to Google + and Facebook. Similarly you can sync Facebook image into the Google + or Google + image to the Facebook according to your setting. This makes backup of all images for safety. It can remove Duplicate image and it has special Folder called As Master Folder which sync all HD images across Facebook and Google +. Not only it sync your Google + album but it also sync your Blogger image if you have Google blog because it sync your Picasa images. How to sync your images accros Dropbox,Facebook and Google +. Step 1: Now Go to CloudAnd.me and Login with your Facebook account. After that connect your Facebook account, Google + account and Dropbox account. Step 2 : After connecting all account press next Button. Now you have to select sync setting. Like which Album you want to sync and which image you want to share with other social network. After all setting press Next option. Step 3 : Now you have to select Max Dropbox folder size you can set size to unlimited or fixed size. Then press Next option. Wait for sum time after that you can see a Folder in your Dropbox account with name CloudAnd.me it will have all your Facebook and Google + images. source : http://techofy.blogs...oxfacebook.html
  3. A new feature beginning with Firefox 17 is the ability to integrate Facebook into the browser allowing users to stay up to date with Facebook activities through a side bar in the Firefox web browser. You must be using Firefox 17 or above. To enable the plug-in visit the Messenger for Firefox web page. Click on the green 'Turn on' button. Agree to Messenger for Firefox at the prompt. If you are not logged into Facebook you will need to do so. You should not only see the side bar but also notice 4 new buttons in the upper right corner of the browser with various function including turning off the messenger. More details and help topics can be found on the Messenger for Firefox help page.
  4. Before installing an app it's good to know just how much of your personal information it has access to and what it may do with it. App Advisor from Secure.me lets you search a wide variety of Facebook apps to see just how safe they are. Just visit the App Advisor Homepage, enter the apps name in the search box and then search for it's information page. There you will find information on the apps Permissions, App Behavior and User Ratings including detailed information on how the app has to access your personal data, the apps behavior after connecting and what users think about the app. An example of when an app reportedly has too much control can be seen on the FarmVille app reputation page. If you find an app that has too many permissions for your taste you can remove it in your Facebook App Settings page. Other App Advisor tools from Secure.me: App Advisor Extension for Chrome App Advisor Firefox add-on secure.me for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Secure.me also has other Facebook privacy controls including:Privacy Control Reputation Guard Child Safety
  5. Chat Undetected By Crossrider Disable the Facebook Messenger’s read receipt feature. Chat Undetected works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  6. I'm in a real bad mood for a site feature to get broke like this. What happened to the "Login with Facebook" feature, and what happened to the Facebook app as well? Where's the "About" page for it?!
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