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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I have been trying to connect my windows 2000 computer to the internet wirepessly, but a problem appeared. I have a network adapter , and I found a guide online on how to connect it, here it is: http://www.uwplatt.edu/oit/howto/setupwireless-win2k.html The problem is, that my advanced tab appears to be different. Here is my advanced tab (uploaded image): http://s15.postimg.org/3r7z2kwnv/untitled.png there is no SSID etc any Ideas on what I can do?
  2. I have an Advent Laptop running vista and I have a problem with windows suddenly not being able to find one specific wifi network. Let me explain. I have no problem connecting to my home network, or that of any of my friends networks. However when I go to the holiday park where I have a caravan and go into the owners lounge to use the free wifi windows can't find it. (I used to be able to connect with no problem, it's just that for some reason windows can't find it now). Everybody else in the lounge can connect with no problem. If I use my phone's usb tethering feature I can connect to the wifi network. If go into another part of the complex I can connect to the wifi there with no problem. On the park they operate two networks, one in the owners lounge, the one I can no longer connect to, and one in the cafe/bar which I can connect to. I can only assume that some 'setting' on my laptop has changed and is stopping windows finding the network, but I have no idea what it could be. Thanks in advance for any help/advice
  3. how do I solve a problem with home network. After connecting 3 devices for over a year, I could not connect to the external harddrive (wired to router) from either the desktop (also hardwired to router) nor the laptop (wirelessly connected to router. I can see both computers from the other computer but neither shows the external hard drive. Going to the webpage of the router I can see all three devices --how can I find out if it is the router or the external drive that is at fault. I have tried resetting the desktop to an earlier version in case it was some update. I have also shut down router, unpluged and recycled and unplugging and replugging in the external hard drive, (in different port) help please Windows 7 home premium (laptop) Windows 7 professional (desktop) runing Mcafee Internet security on both and that has been for several months now.
  4. Hello to anyone out there, at this wonderful forum for helping people with computer & related problems. It's going to be kind of difficult & long, for me to try & explain what my problem is. And has been for over 1 month now. But I guess I'll start from the beginning, February 2nd, 2012. Like Im sure everyone else experiences every now & then,. I started having internet connection problems then. But mine wasn't the ordinary signal drops low because of ordinary drop off from signal strength. I would only lose connections when I was downloading, and in particular. When downloading a larger sized file.( like 100 MBs or larger. ) I called my internet provider about it, and they gave me a few "hardware" suggestions. In the past, I've had to replace splitters that went bad. So that was one thing they suggested I do. I also knew my modem was quite old. It was the original modem I got when I first signed up for broadband service with my company. So I went to their "store" & got myself 2 splitters, one for in the basement, and one for my room. And also a new modem. The modem came with a new cable that connects it to my computer too. So I replaced all of that hardware, hoping it would improve things. And it did, temporarily. So figuring it wasn't anything hardware related. I know called up my computer company, & after a short discussion about me explaining my problem to them. They suggested I reset/restore the computer back to its "factory settings". And once again, after doing this, for a short time. Everything worked fine. But the same problem came right back again. So now I was getting angry. I figured the only thing left that it could be, was that we still had the orginal cable line coming into the house. I made an appointment for them to come and replace that cable. They replaced the cable, and I still had the same problem. So now I know for sure it cant be a hardware problem, because everything is new. My computer is only 1 year old. Its a windows 7, originally made in 2010. I brought it in February of 2011. And had no problems with it until February of 2012. Its a Hewlett Pacard slimline, with a dual processor. Athlon ll 260. With 3GB DDR3 memory. I finally staretd to google my problem, to see if anyone else was having a similar problem with this system. And found out that in 2009, it seemed it was a system wide problem. That Microsoft eventually corrected. But why was I having it now then? Especially after it worked perfectly fine for a year. And even more puzzling, after having set it back to factory settings? Seems to me like that would be virtually impossible. Anyway, I tried a couple of the "fixes" that were suggested on those other forum threads. But none of them worked. I discussed the problem with my nephew, who told me it sounded like a "throttling" problem, being caused by my ISP. So again, I searched ;online & found a few sites you could test for such things. And ran their tests. This site was actually one of them. And with the results I got from all of those tests. It appears like the throttling idea also couldn't be the problem. My system passed with flying colors. So I also searched for tests that might show what was wrong with my system that could be causing the problem. Again, one of them was right here at this site ( I've used this site before, for other computer related problems. ) And those tests came up with varying results. But all showing things that were definetly wrong with my system. So I guess what I was wondering was, if I could post those results here. Is there anyone here who would more fully undersatnd my problem. And may be able to assist me thru correcting them? I had a basic idea of what was wrong with my system, and these tests pretty well confirmed my thoughts. IT seems I cant download for any extended period of time, ( like what you would need to download a large file ) Or at a set speed either. ( if I download at a slower speed, I dont get booted. At a faster speed, I do get booted. ) My network switches from network one, to network 2, which appears from the tests, to have no or extremely limited internet connectivity. Is this possible, considering for a full year, everything worked perfectly fine? Anxiously awaiting a reply & thank you for this forum so I could search for help. With this probelm that has been driving me nuts for the past month.
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