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Found 15 results

  1. i figured this forum would be more suited than general discussions, but feel free to move it if you think otherwise. anyway, just curious as to what web browsers the contributors of pcpitstop use. i've moved exclusively to chrome recently after going back and forth between ie9 and firefox. i absolutely love it, it works exactly how i want a web browser to work. so, what are the rest of you using?
  2. My PC stops getting internet connection at 8:00 pm every day, i asked my dad if he put a parental control on my internet to shut off at a certain time and even called the service provider for help and they said they can't help me after a diagnosis because its a problem in my computer. i've checked countless forums and haven't found anything like this. when i try to look something up it says my connection timed out. I also checked something that showed the connection going out right after it gets to my computer. The connection before 8 is completely fine though. I don't know if this is unrelated but, sometimes the computer doesn't recognize the LAN cable in the port, and doesn't light up, but after unplugging from both sides and plugging back in multiple times it works. please help
  3. Hi there, I've been looking all over for any information that could help me with my computer's (laptop, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 520) recent issues with connecting to the internet, but nothing has helped. A few days ago, the power went out briefly, and when it came back on, my computer was unable to connect to the internet. I tried resetting both the router and my computer several times, but it still wouldn't connect. I tried plugging the ethernet cable directly into the laptop, and it could not connect. I've tried disabling wifi, re-enabling it, updating network drivers, deleting and reinstalling the drivers, performing a system recovery - all to no avail. The only thing that worked was me unplugging the router and modem, disabling wifi on my laptop, resetting my laptop, plugging the router and modem back in, and then re-enabling wifi on my laptop. This allowed my computer to access the internet for maybe five minutes before it disconnected again. I have not been able to re-connect since. I have also tried connecting to the wifi at my boyfriend's house - and it will not connect to his wifi either. My laptop is able to see that there are wifi connections available, and I have "automatically connect" selected for my preferred connection, but it will not attempt to connect, and when I do so manually, it simply tells me it is unable to connect. I am using Windows 7 - I tried upgrading to 10 awhile ago but found a few bugs with it that made me want to switch back (perhaps sticking with 7 for so long has made some problem with my system's connectivity? I don't know...). The laptop itself is getting a bit old - I've had it for over four years now. In addition, it fell to the ground (not by my doing ) several months ago, and since then the screen has slowly been detaching from the rest of the computer. The screen is not sitting correctly, so any time I open it, it makes cracking sounds and the screen separates a little bit on the side (at this point I can see into the screen of the laptop both from the side and the bottom), and the one side has almost entirely lifted off of the base of the laptop (there is a small wire still connecting the two when it separates this far, but it appears to be fraying). I was looking into getting a new laptop anyway - I wanted to upgrade to an msi/alienware/asus gaming/or razor laptop - but in terms of functionality, my laptop was still operating perfectly fine before this whole internet ordeal. I'm uncertain if the breaking down of the physical laptop is connected to the fact that the internet will not connect, but I thought I would include as much detail as possible. I had hoped to avoid rushing into buying a new laptop so soon (I wanted to do a lot of research and get advice), but I use my laptop and internet for everything, so as it currently is, I'm feeling pretty pressured into purchasing one ASAP. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Hello friends, I am having an issue and have tried a variety of fixes with no luck, so I am turning to the Internet. I have tried searching forums for resolutions to my issue, but found only solutions I have already tried or got "it just started working again". I have a beautiful rig I built myself. The desktop is my baby. I've had it for two years now and have yet to have an issue with it. On Wednesday I began to have connectivity issues late at night in the middle of a game with friends. The Internet dropped and would only return intermittently for several seconds before dropping again. I turned off the computer and called it a night, under the assumption the issue was with the router. It has acted this way before and last time it was an issue with a downed wire (though we have switched providers since then). Today I turned on my machine and it failed to connect to the Internet. Upon further exploration, I found that the computer was able to identify our home network, but when I attempted to connect it failed. The issue seems to be between the desktop and the router. All other devices in the household have access to the Internet, including two pc laptops, an Xbox one, and an iPod. Troubleshooting told me it was unable to identify the issue. I reset the router and the computer and tried again without success. I reset the connection without any luck. I turned off the firewall and tried to connect. I made a guest account on the desktop and tried to connect. I signed in to the router settings and checked there were no blocks on my machine (I would not put it past the other members of the household to put some sort of restrictions on my machine while fumbling around in the router settings). I pinged my machine with the router and got nothing back. When I viewed my hardware, the machine said it detected the wireless card and that it was working. The card has a reset button on the back I pressed. Connecting directly to the router via a cable is not an option, as the router and the desktop are on entirely different sides of the house. Signal strength has never been an issue despite this, and neither the router nor the desktop has been moved in the past week. The computer sees the connection and tells me a connection is available. When I try to connect to our network, it gives me an error. I have not made any changes what so ever to my system in the past week. I have not installed or uninstalled any software or hardware of changed any settings. I'm at my wit's end. I'm not entirely computer illiterate, so it is frustrating to hit such a wall. I just want to play games with my friend. Is it possible the wireless card simply failed? It still appears to be working blinking-light and connection-detection wise. Would you have any suggestions on what to try next? Thanks!
  5. I recently purchased a refurbished HP Windows 7 desktop. I also have a Mac laptop that is fairly new. I'm using a wireless modem with earthlink.net. My speed when browsing using my Mac is just fine. It's fast and what you'd expect it to be. But it takes this Win7 about 30-60 seconds or more to open a website. It even took forever today just to get the PCMatic control board to open. And I've also noticed a much slower process in getting pages to print. Before I try to get a refund on this refurbished computer, I thought I'd try to see if it can be fixed somehow. Testing the bandwidth I got 13.98 for download speed and 1.07 for upload speed. Latency is 46 ms. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate. I ran a PCM scan 2 days ago and it found a few things to fix which went well. But the browsing speed hasn't improved one iota and may even be worse.
  6. Ok, so, a few nights ago I put windows 7 on my XP rig. It's one of my older rigs and have had it for about 6 years. However I've had an emachine (used for testing files) older than that but still works. It's been put through more crap than any of my computers, so when my friend said that the rigs got faulty hardware I couldn't believe him. Back to the story, I put windows 7 on it and it started having problems connecting to the internet (like it would connect for a few minutes then disconnect). In hopes that win7 was just being a pain in the :filtered:, I installed winxp back. After doing so I have NO connection at all! It's like it just disappeared from my computer. I checked it's connection status and it says "Connected 400mbps". Buuuuuut, it has no address type, IP address, subnet mask, or default gateway. They are all empty.. I tried the hard connection on my laptop, wii, and other desktops and the ethernet seems to work fine and hasn't severed or been cut anywhere. So what exactly is happening here? Could it be a faulty hardware issue? Perhaps it can't find the right drivers? Maybeit's just old and dumb... Also I've already done IP config/renew/release. So we can rule those out as solutions as well as drivers for the hardware as I've done that too. :2LDR; Had connection, installed win7, lost connection, reinstalled xp, still no connection, already done IP config/renew/release as well as new drivers. Thanks in advance for all the help!
  7. Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I have been trying to connect my windows 2000 computer to the internet wirepessly, but a problem appeared. I have a network adapter , and I found a guide online on how to connect it, here it is: http://www.uwplatt.edu/oit/howto/setupwireless-win2k.html The problem is, that my advanced tab appears to be different. Here is my advanced tab (uploaded image): http://s15.postimg.org/3r7z2kwnv/untitled.png there is no SSID etc any Ideas on what I can do?
  8. Computer Specs: Asus U56e laptop, Windows 7, Intel Centrino Wireless N 1030 adapter, ESET NOD32 antivirus, less than 2 years old I've been having a ridiculous amount of issues with my wireless adapter, and I was wondering what my options are.... All of my problems started about 6 months ago when I dropped my laptop (*cries*). A week later the hard drive went out. I got it replaced. A couple of weeks after that, my wireless adapter started getting disabled randomly, or not appearing at all. Eventually, it NEVER worked. I took it to Geek Squad and they said that nothing was wrong with my adapter but, yay! they had removed a "malicious program" (it was a plug-in I installed that redirected the homepage. That's what it was supposed to do. IT WAS NOT "MALICIOUS") I got it back, and it still didn't work. I basically took it back and just told them to replace the wireless card anyway, even if it was supposedly fine. When I got it back that time, everything worked fine......for a few months. Recently, all my old problems with the wireless adapter are back. It gets randomly disabled, can't/won't enable, and just isn't listed under adapters at all. I've tried everything I can think of, including re-installing the drivers. I'm kind of assuming the problem is somewhere in the hardware, maybe just not the wireless card itself. Also, about the time my wireless problems appeared, I started having problems with my battery. I know battery lives typically shorten, but the battery level isn't being correctly communicated to the computer, causing it to shut off without warning when there is still supposedly 50% left, and it shuts down without even being able to save state. I don't know if this could possibly be related to my wireless problems, but if some hardware or connection is bad somewhere, maybe the two different problems could both be caused by the same thing? My computer isn't even 2 years old, so I really don't want replace it, but if I take it to Best Buy, they'll just say everything's fine again. Is there anyway to pinpoint the problem so I know exactly what needs to be fixed?
  9. Internet access to two banks, bank of america and bank first. Cannot log on via internet, all of a sudden, access via iphone. Can access other sites including Capital One Credit Card. Have called both banks, ran pcmatic scan, and Malwarebytes and Superantispyware and Windows System Restore. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=25284889
  10. evilfantasy


    PrivacyFix - Your online privacy, simplified PrivacyFix keeps your Internet browsing private. Privacyfix Homepage
  11. Hello, Recently I have been experiencing a huge problem with my internet. My anti-virus, McAfee is apparently blocking my internet for some reason. It happens about every week or so, and I have to do a restore each time. And the funny thing is I have wifi hooked up to my modem, and for some reason that works. Thanks in advance, IronIngot
  12. If you still one of the people that still use Internet Explorer and is having problems this may help, http://www.thewindow...ternet-explorer
  13. Hello all What started out looking like a minor problem or annoyance. Has now become a major headache & looks like a major problem. I was surfing the net, at my usual places. Im using Firefox's newest browser, because I know its safer the IE. I use the Noscripts add on, as well as their popup blocker all the time. And at the time the original problem started. I was also using Nortons 360, along with Malwarebytes. My problem originally started with what seemed like a minor loss of internet connection. But then every few minutes or half hour or hour. I would once again be disconnected from the net. I've had connection problems with my cable before, so I immediately called my service provider. In the mean time, I ran my virus program & Malwarebytes & they both came up clean. So knowing my Nortons was soon to expire, I uninstalled it & downloaded AVG. Did a scan with that, which came up clean too. So then I put my disc for Nortons back in & noticed problem number two. The disc wasnt reading & when I went in to My Computer, the drive also wasnt showing up on my list. So after I had unisntalled AVG, I went to delete if from my programs folder & I couldnt delete it. I also found other files in there that looked exactly like the AVG file, and after uninstalling them. Noticed I couldnt delete them either. ( the icons dont look at all like they ones for the programs they are for. All the icons look exactly the same. But anyway, after my service provider sent out a truck & found no problems outside the house. I started checking the lines inside. Eventually, I have now replaced all wires/cables, got a brand new modem, & splitters. And Im still having the same problem staying connected to the net. Like I said, I finally downloaded & ran Hijackthis, & I see A LOT of nasties on the list. Should I make a new ppst in that forum as well? Thank you very much in adavance, for all help offered.
  14. Hi, lately my computer has been giving me huge issues, My internet signal will act like it is still connected but i can not go to any new websites, re-log into a ventrilo server, start a new skype call, just basically start any new internet process. I can stay on ventrilo server fine and talk fine along with skype as long as a call was open before my connection started acting up. If i try to go to a new webpage or refresh the page it will just sit on loading/contacting webpage/waiting. Same thing with ventrilo if i try to get on a server or re-connect it will sit at contacting server. Also if i am playing a web game i will still be connected and be able to interact just fine but it get horribly laggy. This happens randomly throughout my time on the computer and usually the only way to fix it is to either restart the wireless modem or restart the computer. I believe my computer is the only issue but it is hard to tell because it appears to only occur after a while spent on the computer. Another thing that has just come up recently is that while im in the middle of playing a computer game or browsing a webpage, happens sometimes when im just idling and not doing anything "active" on the computer, my computer will freeze and i have to manually shut down my computer (via holding the power button down until it shuts off). This issue doesn't seem to happen as much as the internet but its been slowly happening more and more. I've talked to a few friends of mine about the internet issue on skype and they believed it was a dns issue so they suggested i add a dns and an alternate dns server ip in my ip settings, and ipconfig /flushdns, i tried that but no luck it didn't help at all. So if you could please help me i would greatly appreciate it. If you need any more info feel free to ask. PC Specs: Windows Vista 64 Bit Intel Pentium E5300 @ 2.60GHz 6.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series 625GB Western Digital WDC Airlink Wireless N PCI Card Im using Firefox for internet browsing.
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