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  1. EDITED TO ADD: I SAW 17 VIEWS BUT NO HELP AND THEN THOUGHT IT WAS BECAUSE I USED A PRODUCT NAME (NOT YOURS!) IN THE TITLE. SO........ I UPLOADED ANOTHER POSTING AND THEN CAME BACK HERE TO DELETE IT BUT APPARENTLY I'M NOT ALLOWED TO DELETE MY OWN POST. I CLICKED ON SOMETHING HERE TO GET ME TO AN ADMINISTRATOR WHO WOULD THEN CONTACT ME ABOUT DELETING AND THEN I STARTED GETTING THOSE DARNED POPUPS AGAIN! SO PLEASE IGNORE THIS AND IF AN ADMIN WILL PLEASE DELETE THIS ONE, I'D APPRECIATE IT. AND PLEASE DON'T YELL FOR PUTTING UP TWO OF THE SAME TOPICS. THANK YOU. Hi, I'm going nuts trying to get Malware off of my computer. I think it's just on Firefox because I'm on Opera and I'm not getting those spam screens. Six days ago, I downloaded Housecall and thought it would take maybe an hour - well, it's six days later and it's at 83%. This is not the first Housecall that was downloaded - once, it was at 85% and shut down. It keeps shutting down when in the 80 percentage. I thought perhaps there's too much stuff on my computer so I opened Windows Task Manager to see if there's something that I could delete. I deleted itunes because I wasn't using it. Then I went to Performance on Task Manager. The CUP Usage green picture showed 2% Memory showed 1.985GB At the bottom, there were Processes: 111; CPU Usage 6; Physical Memory: 60: Under Physical Memory (MB) it says: Total" 3325 Cached 1854 Free 1 (I've seen this go up to 6) Is this why it's taking so darned long to get the Housecall scan done? (BTW, I went to Housecall and they charge a min of $79 which I just don't have so I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me. And I'm so thankful that I finally remembered this site's name!) Edited to add: Sure enough, while 83% completed with the Housecall scan, my computer rebooted. I am not using anything right now - what's the use? Is there a different product that I can use that might actually finish scanning? Is the Physical Memory Free Category (1) what's making everything so slow? Please - I really need to have my computer for medical reasons. Thank you. Thanks, nadalotta Vista Serv. Pack 2 Dell XPS XPS_420 Mem. 4.00 GB
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