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  1. Thank you. I suspect my computer was compromised when I installed DWAgent. The password manager sounds like a good idea. I will check it out.
  2. I have been experiencing account password changes on Amazon and Apple that I did not authorize. One time the hacker changed the e-mail address associated with my Amazon account to something that ends in .ru, so I figure the hacker is based in Russia. I have started keeping my computer access very brief, with the computer turned off most of the time (a tower machine, not a laptop, so no battery power). Early-early this morning the hacker submitted a password change on the Apple account and confirmed it on my e-mail, even through my computer was physically turned off. Staring early next week I plan to change out my hard drive to SSD while upgrading my OS version. Then, when I get my computer back, I plan to sign up for PC Matic. I was wondering if PC Matic will help protect me from this hacker, or others like him/her.
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