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  1. More secure in terms of protection from virusus. This is more a function of the evil doers go after the more popular IE vulenerabilities, but it is more secure. Additionally since Firefox isn't so fully integrated with the rest of the Windows OS, if they need to do an update because of a problem, they can do so quickly. Weeks don't go by as they are right now waiting for the fix for the latest Windows vulnerability (some to do with ActiveX controls I think). Add ons generally don't cost anything, and include things such as lots of different themes (color schemes, icon types etc.) and some functional things (which I am drawing a blank on at the moment). I am on the company laptop so have to be on IE. All the rest of the computers on my home network use Firefox as primary browser, and I keep IE on them only to do Pitstop tests. Tabbed favorites/browsing is a great feature. I have an active patient advocacy group for a rare form of cancer. With a single click of a favorite selection, I can load all at once 8 sites that relate to the condition. This saves tons of time on a daily basis versus going through and opening 8 sites individually. Additionally by having all 8 windows open you can move back and forth between them very easily. Faster is dependent on connection type rather than browser. Differences are difficult to measure, but you get the sense that pages load faster in Firefox. Don't know how to measure. As inedibleshoe said, doesn't cost anything to download and install it. Try it, if you don't like it, the uninstall is clean and easy
  2. Hey Flathead, have you checked out Directway Satellite? Don't know cost or anything else about them, but notice them advertising on my DirectTV channels all the time. Just a thought. Bob
  3. Absolutely agree. The hardware firewall in a router is far superior to software. Additionally with a hardware firewall you make your selections once, versus having to manage/confirm each computer on your network. My experience in several years of router hardware firewall use is complete stealth status on the port probe at GRC site.
  4. My experience with DSL when I had it was that I needed to reboot the DSL modem every few weeks. For whatever reason the DSL modem just clogged up and a hard reboot (pull the power cable for a minute or so, then plug it back in) was required. This went on for several years, and even after the DSL company sent out techs to check the lines and signal strength etc, this was the only advice they could give me. Understand the frustration - Good Luck
  5. Flathead, any luck? Did you get an email off to Motorola? Motorola is certainly doing a poor job of building market awareness and demand for this service. Seem to count just on individual ISPs to see the light and build their own programs. Perhaps you could contact my Canopy ISP (mc.net) at mailto:[email protected] and ask them if they know of a provider in your area. Probably a long shot, but worth a shot. Maybe there is somesort of informal provider community. Good Luck Bob
  6. Sorry, don't know how you would find an ISP in your area that would provide. I checked the motorola canopy site (find it via Google) and didn't see a listing of Canopy ISP providers. Maybe go to that site and send and email to Motorola. Because of licensing etc, they must have a list of providers. Good luck Bob
  7. Flathead, I have used the Motorola Canopy service through my local ISP for nearly 2 years now. I bought the mid-range (max 3meg dl unlimited usage) service for $29.95/mo and am extremely pleased with it. I routinely get 2.6-2.8 dl through it, even in bad weather (I am in far NW metro Chicago and have never lost connectivity due to rain or snow storms, though lightning struck the watertower my unit beams to once). My son would be the only gamer (not a heavy gamer though) in the house, and has never complained of lag or issues related to games. I have 8 computer network, both ethernet and wireless, in the house. Both my wife and I have VPN services out to our respective companies. The Canopy service handles the load without any problem. My ISP is a local company (mc.net) and their Canopy coverage is limited to probably 250 sq miles in the far NW suburbs of Chicago stretching out to the more rural farm areas. Finding an ISP with this service will be your challenge depending on where you live. My Canopy service replaced DSL which was always problematic for me. So I heartily recommend it, at least based on my experiences with my ISP. By the way, it turns out that the neighbor across the street (who we called strange guy because he never made eye contact in the 10 years he lived there, though his wife was personable as all heck) is the director at Motorola responsible for the development of Canopy. Wish I had known about it sooner as I would have dumped my DSL much quicker. Good Luck Bob
  8. Have it fixed, but why it is fixed is beyond me. Flipped in a DLink 650+ card (older 802.b only) that I have in the home inventory. The Win2000 machine worked fine for 24+ hours with the older card. Tried putting in the DLink G630 card and the same message IP address conflict appeared immediately and kept popping up every 2-5 minutes. Not worth the effort to try and figure it out anymore. Will just stick with the older 802.b card in that machine. Have a gut if the entire wireless side of the network were G there might not be a problem, but need to stay in mixed mode (B & G) to support the wireless in the IPaq. Thanks to you that viewed and responded to this posting. Bob
  9. Nope, that darn Win2000 machine keeps popping up with that message. Isn't effecting use at all, just plain annoying. Thanks for your assistance. Bob
  10. Thanks, I'll give that a shot. Up to this point I have only assigned static IP's to the IPaq and now obviously the Range Extender. Everything else has an assigned IP via the router's DHCP server. Will let you know if it helps. Thanks for the response. Bob
  11. My home network uses a DLink 524 G Router connected to my ISP. The network has several ethernet connected towers and a number or wirelessly connected laptops and a wireless IPAQ. All wireless laptops use DLink G360 pcmcia cards. Yesterday I added a DLink 710 Range Extender(essentially a repeater) to improve coverage on the second floor. It must be configured with the same SSID as the main router to function. Ever since the sole Win2000 laptop (everything else is WinXP) keeps popping up with a Windows system error message as follows: Event Type: Information Event Source: Application Popup Event Category: None Event ID: 26 Date: 12/7/2005 Time: 3:50:51 PM User: N/A Computer: BOB Description: Application popup: Windows - System Error : The system has detected an IP address conflict with another system on the network. Network operations on this system may be disrupted as a result. More details are available in the system event log. Consult your network administrator immediately to resolve the conflict. The event viewer further identifies this as a tcpip event id 4199. This isn't negatively impacting the network or computer funtion. Just is very annoying having the Error Popup occuring every 5 minutes or so. Any thoughts on how to fix? Thanks in advance for any suggestions Bob
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