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  1. I created a test user account with administrative permissions. From it I can run PCPitstop just fine.
  2. I have the identical problem with IE10 and IE11. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one having the problem. Oddly enough, I also have a 32-bit Windows computer running IE11. PCPitstop works on that one just fine.
  3. I tried IE10. It behaves just like IE11. PcPitstop tells me I'm not running IE. I give up.
  4. I rolled back to IE9. It installs, but the PCPitstop ActiveX won't install. I've set the security way down.
  5. I am able to uninstall, but I am not able to install. Everything seems to be fine. Then I get a message telling me the installation did not complete. I am doing a system restore to get IE 11 back. I can live without running PC Pitstop.
  6. I must be running the 32-bit version because I do right-click and run as administrator. I only use IE for PC Pitstop, so I'm not sure how to set IE back to defaults. -Bob
  7. Windows 7 Home Premium and up-to-date IE 11. I get the Overdrive window but nothing ever shows up. I find out about IE not being recognized via troubleshooting. I always run IE in Administrative mode. -Bob
  8. PC Pitstop no longer works for me. It claims I am not ru nning IE, even thought I'm running the most current version.
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