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    Sci-Fi, computers, StarCraft/BroodWar, and Indian food.

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I just joined the PC Matic Forums, today, 12-19-2014. I'm riding the coat tails of my dad, who has just purchased the Lifetime Contract for 5 PCs. (Three of my PCs have been added to his license.) I'm the Tech of the household; so, I thought it best to create my own profile here to be able to join in and ask questions when I have them.


We've switched from Kaspersky Pure 3.0, and one license of Comodo Internet Security. Kaspersky was fine; we didn't have any problems with it. Comodo Internet Security was too agressive, and refused to acknowledge "exceptions" that I set for it. (Continued scanning BOINC Project Folders...)


I hope to be a long lived member of the PC Matic family. I hope to be a good contributer to the Forums.




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