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  1. I DID IT!!!!! 1,040,725 Credits as of now, 9:16 AM - PST on 1-9-2016!!!!! TL
  2. I'm 37,993 credits away from reaching my first Million Credits on [email protected]!!! (1-8-2016, 11:40 AM - PST) TL
  3. Just wanted to update, (though this is overdue), that Prometheus is NO LONGER a Pentium E-5200 system. Thanks to Guns, it is now a QX9650 Quad Core system. I did transfer the GTX-750 TI SC to it from the E-5200 MOBO. Been crunching SETI for awhile now. Unfortunately, SETI is currently out of GPU work. I have already switched Exeter, (my GTX-760 rig), to [email protected] Prometheus will follow suit tomorrow morning. Fold On everyone!!!!! TL
  4. SEE EDIT 3 In last post... Got it to work!!! Very finicky though... TL
  5. I CAN get into the BIOS... NO Safe Mode exists.... Unless I force it with msconfig.exe. TL EDIT: Two of the three Win 7 systems are HP; so, it could be that HP has had MS disable getting into Safe Mode, BUT I doubt it. The third Win 7 system is Guns' old Core 2 Extreme on Gigabyte MOBO. The two HPs are Win 7 Home Premium x64, and Prometheus, (Guns' old system), is Win 7 Pro x64. EDIT 2: Just tried rebooting Prometheus. Hit F5, and it worked. From there I hit F8 for Advanced Options, and got the Safe Mode Boot Menu. So, one system out of three works. Don't know why the HPs have Safe Mode Booting disabled. EDIT 3: FINALLY!!!!! Did more research on HP and booting to Safe Mode in Win 7... IMMEDIATELY after hitting Power to turn on the system, hit F8 repeatedly, (before BIOS screen shows; and all through the BIOS screen), until the Boot Menu appears. Top of the list is Repair system, further down is Boot to Safe Mode... If you miss hitting F8 right after the Power button has been hit to turn the system on, FORGET IT, the system will boot normally to the Win 7 Login Prompt. TL
  6. Nope, no luck with F5; either, system ignores it and boots to main login. There seems to be NO WAY to manually boot to Safe Mode in Win 7 x64. I assume that if there were a problem with normal boot that the system might then give the option of booting to Safe Mode; but, since all three of our Win 7 systems are fine, I have no way to confirm this. TL
  7. Will this method work in Win 7 as well??? I have found recently that Win 7, also, will NOT boot to Safe Mode using F8. TL EDIT: Just tried it in my Win 7 Pro x64 OS, and it DOES NOT work... Did some research and found that this same command works for Win 8/8.1; but, for Win 7 we all must use "msconfig.exe" in normal mode and select Safe Mode properties there, and then reboot into Safe Mode... Once in Safe Mode, and finished doing what needs to be done, you must then run "msconfig.exe" again and deselect the Safe Mode options and reboot back to normal mode. VERY disappointing... TL
  8. UPDATE: The O&O software seems to work. I just recently completed a Cumulative Update for Win 10 which required a reboot of the laptop. Upon reboot and login, I went back into Win Update and checked settings there. The O&O restrictions were still in place. Cortana also remained disabled by O&O. I will keep monitoring dad's new laptop with Win 10 Pro and the O&O security software installed. If things change, or Win Update gets around O&O, I will let you know. TL
  9. The same NSA Anti-Privacy software in 10 is now being pushed through Win Update to Win 7, 8, and 8.1. Quote from Cosmic Ocean at [email protected], Number Crunching, Win 10 Yea or Nay Thread: "Add these two to the recently re-quoted list:: KB3075249 - adds telemetry points to consent.exe (sends your UAC decisions back to HQ) KB3080149 - UTC update for "down-level" devices (??? whatever that means. It's a 16mb update and modifies a LOT of files), but also, it says right on the MS page that it adds telemetry and tracking to help with the upgrade process. My friend that just decided to go back to 7 from 10 asked for a list of KBs to keep an eye out for, and I dug through several pages of this thread and came up with this list: KB2952664 KB2976978 KB2990214 KB3021917 KB3022345 KB3035583 KB3044374 KB3068708 KB3075249 KB3080149 I think one or two of those are for 8.1, but have a 7 equivalent with a different number as well. But as far as I know, that's the most-complete list to avoid that I can come up with at the moment. I might be missing one or two, but I think that takes care of the bulk of them. Edit: I think I just found another one or two: KB2957026 KB2977759 KB3065987 KB3075851 I think that just about completes the list. Some are 8/8.1-only, some are 7-only, if that wasn't simple to understand in my previous wording." NOTE: Some of the above are Win 8/8.1 only and some are Win 7 only. TL
  10. The [email protected] WOW Contest is almost over. Then I can dedicate some GPU time to [email protected] I haven't forgotten you all, just been distracted for awhile. TL
  11. TimeLord04

    Windows 10

    One thing to note using a DVD created with Media Creation Tool. Should the system in question be completely wiped, or if installing clean, then there will be no prior Windows Key for 10 to grab onto for "upgrading". In which case, the "clean" install will require a new purchased Key from MS to activate Win 10. This is being discussed by people in [email protected], Number Crunching, Win 10 Yea or Nay Thread. Many at SETI have already upgraded to, or installed clean, Win 10 and are using it without much issue. A couple people decided to Roll Back their install to the prior Windows Version - 7, 8, or 8.1 respectively. I just upgraded my dad's new ASUS laptop from 8.1 to 10 Pro using Media Creation Tool, and choosing "Upgrade this computer now". This option, (instead of having me create an .iso DVD image), immediately began running the Upgrade and downloaded Win 10 installation files to the laptop. It wasn't made clear that I had to go to the newly created folder's name, open that, find the Windows Folder there, open that, and execute Setup.exe. It took a second try at the Media Creation Tool, which then downloaded another copy of these Win 10 files to another obscurely named set of folders, and then 10 minutes of hunting and searching through the hard drive to find what I was looking for... That aside, once I ran the Setup.exe file, Win 10 Upgraded the existing Win 8.1 on dad's laptop without incident. I also, in a prior use of Media Creation Tool, made .iso images of Win 10 Home and Pro x64 and burned copies of each for my own hard copies. I currently have one Win 7 Pro system that requires the use of Win 10 Pro to Upgrade to; and, two other family systems that are on Win 7 Home Premium that require the Win 10 Home DVD. TL
  12. If it turns out that your Win 7 H.P. system is in fact upgradeable to Win 10; make sure that when you install you choose "Custom" and NOT "Express". If you go "Express" it turns on ALL features; MOST of which are security hazards. Choose "Custom", and answer the questions it asks of you one at a time. MOST IF NOT ALL your answers should be "NO" to protect your privacy, stop ads, etc... I am a member of [email protected] which runs under BOINC software. The guys in Number Crunching gave me the above tips. They've been discussing Win 10 for a few months; some of them have been Testers for Win 10. MANY things in Win 10 have been found to be positive; with exception to the installer turning on EVERYTHING that threatens your privacy and security. A couple of people had specific issues that made them "Rollback" the install to Win 7. Yes, this can be done! The "Rollback" feature will take at least two hours to complete, and will reboot the system MANY times; so, don't get frustrated if you decide to "Rollback" to 7 and it takes awhile. I plan upgrading my family's systems in December. I believe by that point that there should be enough Windows Updates to patch the early holes that are being/will be found by the early adopters. TL
  13. Thanks Guns. Yeah, boy HOWDY, do they ever!!! Can't wait to see what a week's worth of Folding will do. (The 760 in Exeter isn't really "new", though... It's solely been crunching SETI for a year. The 750 TI in Prometheus; however, is new to me, I got it used from another SETIzen.) TL
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