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  1. I tried a restore point of 12 days in past and computer unable to do restore point.
  2. I think blank. I see press F2 or delete than nothing.
  3. I have a win 10 desktop about 7-10 years old. When I start the computer I get a black or blank screen. If I hit F2 it some times it continues to load. Would like to keep going for a while with all the problems getting computer parts or chips.
  4. Thanks for the help. The problem with TV Bluetooth is it is a higher power which is different bluetooth for hearing aids. Meaning the hearing aid Bluetooth is low powered. This is what I have find out from hearing aid companies. So yes ,i will have to buy the box for the TV.
  5. I have been conflicting info about Bluetooth (BT) and hearing aids.I am told I need and extra piece of requirement to connect TV to BT in hearing aid. I do not mind but they cost about $150.00 per TV. Does any one know if I could use a device that plugs into the TV and transmits BT (cost is much less). Would the hearing aid pick it up. Also I have read some TV apps might be able to pick up the TV signal; and then convert to BT or just connect to hearing aid app so a person can hear the TV through the hearing aids. I can not really find answers to these question. Not sure if this is a right place to get info but I'll try. Any help welcome.
  6. Running FF 18.1,XP PRO,DESK TOP. Tried to run FF in safe mode,tried reset,even disabled all extensions and add-ons (was not sure if safe mode disabled all). When I load FF the first tab(or open new tab) and ever other tab has a green light spinning and spinning. The web site finally come in but a few minutes later. Desktop running OK except when I run FF. IE runs OK. I have 2 laptops on network and they are OK.Even tried some thing called speedyfox(?). Tried to go back (restore) 1 week and still not running right.Cleared all history,ran anti spam.Running NISecurity.Knocked out by going back 1 week.Will have to uninstall and reinstall..Any ideas welcome
  7. I have ERUNT for years on my XP PRO computers.Came in handy many times the win restore went bad or just didn't work.Can I use this program on win 7,Or is there another program that I backup the registry.The win 7 restore might work better but would like a back if it dosen't work.
  8. Nortons know about the problem and all you have to do is turn off a sub program in Misc setting and MS windows restore will work. Then all you have to do is turn the sub program back on. Thanks again for a reply.
  9. Just info for people running MS 7 (I have HP dv7-3183cl.MS7 64 bit home).Was having trouble with restore,would not work.HP tech couldn't fix and was going to send laptop back(in fact I did send another one back).The problem is with Notons 2010 I Security and maybe N 360.You have to turn off NORTON PRODUCT TAMPER PROTECTION,in Miscellaneous setting. Otherwise even trying system restore in safe mode wont work.Its a when software comes with a new computer and it causes a problem,like not letting SYSTEM RESTORE work.
  10. I installed and even ran it,got zero hits.I also run ZA and its up todate.Besides the mouse not working most of the time the computer doesn't want to shut down.The same problem with the mouse is in SAFE MODE. I had to shut the computer 3 times (cold start) before I could move the mouse at all.Most of the time its a delay if I go over an icon or any thing else I would be able to click on.
  11. No I have not changed the surface.The problem is on every program.
  12. I have a MS wireless optical blue mouse.Had a problem so I changed the batteries,but still had problems.I tried a old corded mouse (still works on old computer),and I still have some problems. The mouse freezes some times,other times it clicks on different screens,other times If I go over a icon it just freezes there (ex-file,edit,view) .If I wait a minute or too I can usually move it. If I go to windows task manager there is nothing really running, the % of CPU usage is 2-5%. This happens in most programs,EX--AOL, Firefox, Word,Excel. GA-EP45-UD3P,VGA HIS H485QX512P, CORS TWIN2X4096-8500C5D, INTEL/C2D E8500 3.16G 775 45N, SS-650HT 650W , Hitachi HDS721010KLA330 IT/ ST 7K 32M SATA2 ST31000340AS, Plextor PX-800A (IDE), ATAPI iHAS120 6 (SATA)
  13. The computer is only 6 months old.I have a problem with a Plextor PX-800A drive that doesn't work.Its and Ide and it seems not to play nice with the GA-ep45-ud3p m/b. Gigabyte suggested I update the chipset. Would it be better to toss and just get a new DVD player then to update chipset drivers.Its working pretty good now and really don't want to make things a lot worse.
  14. I purchased a new computer and am trying to find right mac address.When I do( ipconfig /all) I get two Ethernet adapter address.One is nic and the other is nic #2(they both say the same thing except the mac address is different). How do you tell which is the RIGHT one to use to connect to my router. I don't want to put both on the router user list because I found out you can only have 10 mac address there.Between all the computers,desktops, laptops for work and home of the kids I only have one space left.
  15. I haven't had many problems with XP PRO.Building new machine and wondering how difficult to but both xp and vista on same desktop.What is the difference between the Vista programs (Ultimate,home) and 64 and 32 bit other that amount of ram possible to use,will the 64 run all the 32 bit programs. This desktop with run at home with some games and video.
  16. I have xp pro in three computers and in one I cant unzip.Is there a part of xppro that is turned off. I know its only a simple unzip program in xp but its good enough for me.
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