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    Pent III933,512ram,XP PRO,cd-rw,dvd,40h/d,13h/d,cannon s9000,epson 600,brothers mfc6800,hp 4c scanjet,SCSI CARD,vedio cam,PCI card for h/d,usb hub,wireless opticial mouse.

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  1. I tried a restore point of 12 days in past and computer unable to do restore point.
  2. I think blank. I see press F2 or delete than nothing.
  3. I have a win 10 desktop about 7-10 years old. When I start the computer I get a black or blank screen. If I hit F2 it some times it continues to load. Would like to keep going for a while with all the problems getting computer parts or chips.
  4. Thanks for the help. The problem with TV Bluetooth is it is a higher power which is different bluetooth for hearing aids. Meaning the hearing aid Bluetooth is low powered. This is what I have find out from hearing aid companies. So yes ,i will have to buy the box for the TV.
  5. I have been conflicting info about Bluetooth (BT) and hearing aids.I am told I need and extra piece of requirement to connect TV to BT in hearing aid. I do not mind but they cost about $150.00 per TV. Does any one know if I could use a device that plugs into the TV and transmits BT (cost is much less). Would the hearing aid pick it up. Also I have read some TV apps might be able to pick up the TV signal; and then convert to BT or just connect to hearing aid app so a person can hear the TV through the hearing aids. I can not really find answers to these question. Not sure if this is a right place to get info but I'll try. Any help welcome.
  6. I purchased a new computer and am trying to find right mac address.When I do( ipconfig /all) I get two Ethernet adapter address.One is nic and the other is nic #2(they both say the same thing except the mac address is different). How do you tell which is the RIGHT one to use to connect to my router. I don't want to put both on the router user list because I found out you can only have 10 mac address there.Between all the computers,desktops, laptops for work and home of the kids I only have one space left.
  7. I have xp pro in three computers and in one I cant unzip.Is there a part of xppro that is turned off. I know its only a simple unzip program in xp but its good enough for me.
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