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  1. I took a short video off my NVR and played it my VLC player in MP4 format. It seems that apple phones or I pads will not play it. How can I covert to play on apple products?
  2. The back of the laptop and led face is separation in the lower left corner. I am enclosing a picture. When I snap it back together it stays for a second or two and comes apart. It is a 17 in laptop.Can I glue it or maybe just use packaging tape to hold together?
  3. Before sending ti back I copied the whole Dir of Turbo Tax to my desk top in a file. Can I just copy this file back to the laptop after it was fixed and just try to install it? What I am trying to do is just run installer from with in the file copied back to the laptop. The reason is I would like to try and keep all the previous year info from turbo tax. I really do not want to have to input all the info again into Turbo tax if I did a clean install. Yes trying to be lazy.
  4. Thank you. Is there a way to make the screen larger. When I do the share the picture is longer like the phone but still not very wide. Just wondering if I can get the picture full on screen on TV or computer.
  5. I am watching a video in real time on Instagram and would like to see it in full screen on my TV or computer. I have Instagram account open on computer but the screen is the same size as a phone. Have tried to use a HDMI cord from phone to computer but it does not show up on the computer or when HDMI cord plugged into TV. Trying to look at grand daughters game and hard to see any one. Is there any way of seeing real time video in a larger screen on either TV or computer?
  6. I created win 10 image on a external backup drive. How do I get to see or copy files in this image. I do see the image (file) and it is call windows image back up/backup 2020-08-01 192637
  7. I have been looking into a external blue-ray for home video storage. I have read that the blue-ray(BR) is better for long term storage of pictures and video's. I would like to know if they are better than regular DVDs. I do understand the BR can store about 25 or 50 GIG on them. Would a single side or double sided be better say in the next 10-20 years. I am just worried about long term storage and the pictures degrading.
  8. I had tried that also. By the way all computers are WIN10.
  9. In device manager there are no red X's or any down arrows or any unknown devices.The networks does show I am not connected and it see my network. I have tried to renter the password figuring it might of been corrupted. I did that twice and it still can not connect.
  10. I have a HP Pavilion notebook,model t9y49av. At first I went to summer place and could not connect to router. Then I tried when I got home and I could not connect to router. So I tried to hard wire to router. At first I could not connect. Was told some thing wrong with DHCP. Computer said it could fix so I let it. I was able to get on to the internet. I am still NOT ABLE TO CONNECT TO WI-FI with out hard wire. WI-FI is working with other laptop and cell phones but not this laptop. I went to device manager and clicked on every thing in internet. It all said it was working OK. I tried to check for updates to stuff in that folder but was told it already had the latest updates. I tried the HP self test and it reset some of the devices and still nothing. WI=FI is turned on also. I even tried to turn of NORTONS for 15 minutes and did hard restart, still no WI-FI. ANY IDEAS
  11. My desk top is about 6 or 7 years old.I am running a --ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series [Display adapter]. When I click on an Mp4 that is on the computer it will run. When I click on an MP$ on the UBS the machine shut down with a blue screen. This happens with AVI or MP$ from the UBS drive. Even if I copy to desk top it still happens. I have tried two laptops and both files work on the two laptops. How can I get the desk top to open these files?
  12. Just my luck Norton'was having a problem with there site. The blue screen only happens when I try and open files in the USB drive that came from the NVR. Other wise the computer seems to work OK.
  13. I tried to open a file and this blue screen came up. Also having trouble getting to norrton web site. When I click on nortons site the tab times out.Could be some thing else but not sure.The files come from a NVR connected to by security cameras.
  14. I am a little confused about earbuds for a computer. I understand 3.5 are a standard size for computers. Why is it that some work in a computer and some work on my smart phones. I did buy a earbud and it worked on phone and computer. Yet when I purchased another set they did not work on the computer only the phone. Plus some will plug into phone but not the computer.
  15. My wife has a new d/l of office 365. The problem is the cut and paste does not work right. some times it works and some times it does not. Because of the lock down she can not get the IT depart to help. Is there a patch for this problem that works.
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