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  1. lol, well it is on started and automatic so that isn't my problem
  2. Netwrok services is not there... Do you mean network connections?
  3. Sorry, have tried all these methods and none work .
  4. Could anybody help me with this, my network connections window is blank, i am using win xp pro. All the connections are still there, i just cant see the icons. when i create a new connection, it appears there, but when i refresh the view it disappears. They say a picture is worth 1000 words so this is what i get: Its not really a major problem, but it is a bit worrying as this happened on my old computer running win 2000 just before it died Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks for your help
  5. you guys should complain that you got a 1600 or 1700 cos i got a 600 adn its all i can afford! but my friedn overclocked my com to 1333mh from 1000mhz so im pretty dam happy! but my score shud go to bout 900 once i get a good graph card
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