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  1. Madam, I've always heard IE is the least safe browser because hackers are always finding holes. Obviously, you don't have problems with it, though! OH - I woke up to see that my Malwarebytes caught 2 Spyware both had "recycle" in the path so I quarantined them, went to my Recycling bin which had about 500 pics from my Apple iphone. Other than pics, there were two House Calls (since I need to use the latest one each time) and then the latest Apple update for itunes. (I just had a thought - why would that be in the recycling bin?) Oh well - I deleted them all and restarted. I'm runni
  2. Oh phooey, now I understand why you questioned my home page! (I just finished typing an explanation about my home page when it hit me that I'd used the wrong word on post #125) I meant to write that the Netherlands guy messed up my DESKTOP. (Yeah, slight difference between Home page and desktop!!) Both problems are on my taskbar - one on the right side and the other on the left. Part 1: On the right side, there are icons. Just before the icons, is >> and if you move your cursor to the >> and click on it, whatever you have on your desktop will appear. The problem is at
  3. I have 5 tabs that come up in Firefox; Google is one of them, email is another, Amazon, etc.
  4. Madam, that Hans Christen :filtered: also did a few things to my desktop. They were so minor considering the very real problems inside of my computer. I still have two issues with my desktop. Should I ask you or is there another place you'd rather I ask? BTW, what is that grey thing at the time of the Vista home page which has my name, Documents, Downloads, Contacts etc.? It's gone and I wanted to Google it but I don't know what it's called except "grey thing at the top of the Vista home page". What is it called, please? (I figure this would take you all of 2 seconds to know)
  5. Hello Madam, I woke up about four hours ago and wrote a thank you and then my system crashed. I was so tired that I went back to sleep but I'm awake now and my system had better not crash! I wanted to say that I've run all three tests - Malwarebytes, ESTEP and HouseCalls (the latter took over 12 hours!) and all show there are NO threats! Thank you so much for your kindness, your willingness to help, your great knowledge and especially your patience with me. You're truly amazing and I appreciate everything you've done. There were times when I thought my computer was DOA but you d
  6. Hello, Madam! Please forget the above. I was able to figure out some of it except: In Malwarebytes, Settings > Advanced Settings doesn't have a check mark for "Enable self protection module". Should it be checked? If so, a greyed out section will turn black which says "Enable self-protection early start". I'm not sure if the latter will be checked but, if not, should it also be checked? Thanks!
  7. Madam, it's so weird! I run the scan and it never gives results, just goes back to how it looked before. In Malware, the Settings > History section has some info there but isn't that ok? Also, Settings > Advanced Settings currently has check marks for everything EXCEPT "Reduce Priority of Scans to improve multitasking" and "Enable self protection module". I don't care about item one but do wonder about the Enable self protection one. Should it be checked? If so, a greyed out section will turn black which says "Enable self-protection early start". Please let me know - thank
  8. Hi Madam, Thank you so much - I was afraid it was Hans Christian from the Netherlands who was trying to install something. OK, I'm doing one last scan and that will do it! Thanks!
  9. Thank you, thank you! I'm going to run one last scan on Malwarebytes but I would like to know the answer to the item below. I don't want to run the scan and have it clear and then install the item below only to find out I've reintroduced Malware or Adware, etc. I've been getting the same pop up window for nearly two weeks as follows: New Hardware User Account Control Device driver software installation Microsoft Windows "C:\Windows\System32\newdev.exe" "00000001" \\.\pipe\PNP_Device_Install_Pipe_1. {55cac8fd-4ace-4eca-b7 "USB\VID_13FD&PID_1617\6&f38f954&0&7" Us
  10. Hello, Madam! Well, I deleted/uninstalled Combo with your help - thank you! What about that Malwarebytes page that's allowing an IP from the Netherlands? I really think Hans Christen has to go, don't you? Thanks!
  11. Madam, the ESET test is finished and it found no infected files!!! In an earlier post, you said: Next, I want you to delete/uninstall Combofix by doing the following instructions: For Vista / Windows 7 • Click START Search • Now type ComboFix /Uninstall in the runbox and click OK. Note the space between the X and the /, it needs to be there. I'm going to do it in a little while - I'm woosy. Thank you!
  12. Hi Madam! Thank you for the advice - I cleared the exceptions. Should I go to Web Exclusions and delete the IP from the Netherlands as well? BTW, I had to run out to do some things before I leave for the 1 day surgery so I didn't do the ESET scan. I'm doing it now and am having good hopes - it's 38% done and no threats! Alright, I'm leaving for the procedure. Again, thank you for your help!
  13. Hi Madam, OK, I ran the ESET and there were 76 items! Three were in red; the others black. I quarantined/deleted them. (Yay). I'm going to run one more test to see if those three items are still there. Here were the three: C:\Users\All Users\IObit\ASCDownloader\IObit Malware Fighter.exe a variant of Win32/Toolbar.Widgi.B potentially unwanted application C:\Users\All Users\IObit\ASCDownloader\Smart Defrag.exe.bak a variant of Win32/Toolbar.Widgi.B potentially unwanted application C:\Users\All Users\{3F06E471-FD45-4DB4-83A5-E68D149EA29F}\setup.res a variant of Win32/Hidden
  14. Hi Madam, I know you're not insulting me, I totally get it. I'm in a bind, though. I'm having a one-day surgery tomorrow and won't be leaving my home for a minimum of 10 days. I looked at what you posted and went over what I did... Lately, I've/we've been working mostly on ESET. Scanning takes hours so I was doing my email when Malwarebytes turned off Real Time Protection. This is what I told you about in Post #102. It took awhile for Malwarebytes to "allow" me to keep Real Time Protection on. While on Malwarebytes, I clicked on various parts of it - something I prob should
  15. Madam, I think it's the person with the IP in the Netherlands. How do I get him off of my Malwarebytes?? Also, I'm doing another ESET search to see what's on there. This is the 3rd one. The second search came up with 45 infected files - if you want to see them, please let me know. Also, there is no option to Quarantine & delete the bad files after the test has been completed. On the first page of ESET, I click Enable Detection of potentially unwanted apps and then there's a link for Hide Advanced Settings. Clicking on that produces the following: Remove Found threats (alrea
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