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  1. Initially I started folding for the fun. At the time (2003-2005) there where several subfolding teams at pcpitstop having a competition (do a search on Neotech2k4 or Adammaxisteam). I also contributed to the jmol project (doing translation work): a graphical molecular program that [email protected] used. I think this is not continued anymore. And I wrote the http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/topic/152666-how-to-join-the-pc-pitstop-folding-home-team/ topic (very outdated now ). So I was quite a dedicated folding member. Due to personal circumstances, I stopped folding for quite a while. Quite recently, I lost my mother due to cancer,so I decided to start folding again. Must say I'm happy to contribute again
  2. Seems to be a problem with their server to which your client is trying to upload... http://fah-web.stanford.edu/pybeta/serverstat.html
  3. Here's a list of some distributed computing projects. http://distributedcomputing.info/projects.html http://[email protected]
  4. That did the trick I recovered all my favorites in IE. The disk crashed completely when I was trying to recover the firefox bookmarks. (but most of them were the same as the internet favorites) Thanks for the help
  5. UPDATE: I managed to transfer my important data to my new HD. (just by copy/paste) I'm very happy now. Have another question on this... Would it also be possible to recover the favorites/bookmarks of IE and Firefox? And also my mails and contacts of OE? The old disk had 4 different users, all with their own favorites/bookmarks; inboxmails, contactpersons,...
  6. I have a pc here that wont boot anymore.. it keeps rebooting. I cant even access safe mode. Its making a kind of ticking noise, so I presume its almost broke. I attached it as slave on another pc. That way I can acces the data on it. I prepared a new HD with winxp/officexp. I created the same users on it. Now I want to transfer the data from the almost broken HD to the new HD. The old HD disk is partioned in 3 partitions. One with winxp and office xp. A second partition with all the data. A third partition with all the other programs. I have partitionMagic 8.0. That has an option to copy partitions from one hd to another. Now I intend to copy the datapartition of the old harddisk to the new one. I also have acrois true image 9. It also has an option to copy partitions to another hd. Not sure which is the best to use. I would appreciate some advice. And are there issues I'm forgetting? This data is important for me, so I really need it to work. (and yes, I have a backup... but its nearly three weeks old , and there's quit alot of new data added the last few weeks.) Thanks
  7. Interesting for sure http://forum.folding-community.org/viewtop...p=113040#113040
  8. Browse to your fahfolder. find the file client.cfgOpen this file with notepad Change the parts I marked in bold.
  9. After finishing your first wu, you'll be on the list.
  10. --> this guy agrees all the way
  11. My sig shows what my puters are doing 24/7 click them to see the flash (speakers on)
  12. oups... your secret weapon is working... 30 days and you'll pass me
  13. This is the error message in your log: Some info I found at stanfords forum: More about folding errors can be found here: http://forum.folding-community.org/viewtop...ght=fileioerror
  14. Congrats with your Folding anniversary One year of folding and second place in the PcPitstop stats. Thats cool! In 6 months you'll be the number one folder of our team.
  15. my 2 gmail and my isp are configured as pop3 (using thunderbird)hotmail and yahoo are webmail (using opera or firefox)
  16. 5 for me 1 hotmail (from my early Internet days: mostly spam) 1 scarlet (ISP) 2 gmail (one spam, one proper) 1 yahoo mail (a leftover from the days before gmail, but I still use it daily) and then I have 2 daughters/ 1 wife ( )with a hotmail; a gmail and an ISP mail each So on my pc's there are 14 email adresses in total configured
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