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  1. To Bob4, Hi Bob in answer to your question, there is a newer version of paperport, it is an update from version 14.0 to 14.7, I had an issue on Paperport recognizing my Printer/scanner, and was not able to connect to the update center that would come up when you started Papeprort and would ask if you wanted to check for an update. I had tried to click on it and it wouldn't connect, i tried several times since i upgraded from the older version of 12, to version 14, when I tried to get support, I found that Paperport had been taken over by Kofax when I sent a support ticket to them, I received a quick response with a link to the newer update version to 14.7, since i updated to the newer version it resolved the issues I was having, I also am running windows 10! Hope this helps you, as I also like Paperport and have used it since its inception many many years ago! Respectfully Replied, Dale
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