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  1. Thanks for your prompt response Y - impressive. As you know there are many different adware / malware software choices - I will review your recommendations herein, however, during my latest search I came across SpyHunter and StopZilla - would you recommend yours over these two? StopZilla: www.stopzilla.com SpyHunter: www.enigmasoftware.com
  2. I am reviewing PC Matic to see if I can get rid of an adware / malware virus that resides on my PC. It has hijacked my IE and FF browsers - and when I click links, click into a blank field to add data, etc., etc. anywhere from 1 to 2 new browser windows automatically pop up with ads of some product - mostly PC software to remove viruses, optimize my PC, etc. (PC Keeper, for example). Their are other ads that pop up as well - they look to be legit. I currently use Webroot as my virus software - they spent about 2 hours trying to eradicate all occurrences of 'video+ mediaplayer+' virus from my registry and my IE add-ons. I thought we had the problem solved, but nope - it's back, but I no longer see it in my IE add-ons or add-ons in FF. Has anyone heard of this virus How do I get rid of it - willing to buy PC Matic if it remove this virus.
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