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  1. Hi. I go to the Subway sandwich shop near me a lot and like to use the free WiFi there, using my Nexus 10 tablet. It all worked fine for months, but the last two months, videos and other sites will freeze and stay frozen until I turn the WiFi connection in my tablet off and on. This will happen several times a visit. The owner says he needs a new router but a woman working there said that he said my tablet must be having problems. He uses Comcast but I tried the free X-finity trial connection I can get there that lasts an hour and you can get once a month and it always worked fine
  2. Hi. I like to use the free WiFi at the Subway sandwich shop a half mile away. For the past ten days, it's been acting up. The owner says they need a new router. YouTube videos will play alright for a while then freeze and buffer non-stop. I have to restart my tablet over and over to finish videos. I found playing them at a lower quality helps but they don't look as good, of course. He says he has to fix some other things in his other restaurant first and will replace the router soon. I want to know if buying a portable ATT hot spot from amazon.com would be a good idea to have at ha
  3. Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Things came up. Thanks for all your help.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the help.
  5. I looked on the Lenovo website and the warranty doesn't apply anymore. I messed with it last night and got a screen to come on that's in Chinese and lets you go through a lot of tests to see if the tablet is working right. The colors, speakers, front and rear cameras, and everything else tested fine. Does that mean the OS is still there? Anyway, I'll try the XDA site. Thanks a lot for the help!
  6. Hi. I have a fairly new Lenovo Tab 10 tablet that got stuck during an update so I turned it off. Now it won't come on all the way. I get the Lenovo icon on the screen with the orange box and white letters, but that's it. I can get to the box with the factory restore/wipe cache program and run it. It wipes the cache but doesn't do the factory restore. I've read there are ways to get the OS and put it on a laptop and install the OS from that to the tablet. Or maybe use a micro-SD card instead. I don't trust what I've seen though. I don't know how safe the ones I've seen are. Is there a w
  7. Oops. I meant to type Tab 10 above. That's what I used. Sorry. I wonder why they don't work?
  8. I tried entering the model name but it didn't recognize it. I put in Tab 3, then Lenovo Tab 3, but it wouldn't work. On amazon.com, it lists the model as a Lenovo Tab 3. I tried the model number from the back, TB-X103F, but no luck. After I tried a model name, I clicked on the window that says to enter the HW Code but it wouldn't work. Is there another model name I should try? Also, after downloading the Smart Assist software and opening it. I got a popup window with a red circle and white cross sign in it, and a "boing" sound, saying "Windows cannot find "IS Process Exist" Make sure you t
  9. Well, I tried downloading and installing the Android 6 OS but it didn't work either. I really appreciate the advice and all the effort you all made. Thanks again.
  10. I downloaded the Smart Assist software and plugged in my tablet but didn't have any luck. I typed in the model number I got from the back but it didn't work. I got the Chinese menu I mentioned earlier to open and just tapped on everything in the list. It's some kind of checking program. One thing checked the front camera and the next checked the rear one. Another tested the left speaker and another the right, and so on. so it's not completely dead. I have two other tablets, a Nexus 10 and a Samsung Tab 3. I wonder if I could get a backup OS from one of them onto a thumb drive and out that
  11. OK. Thanks a lot, everybody, for the advice.
  12. So what did I do? Did I delete most of the OS or something? What did I mess up?
  13. I don't know. Here's what it says about it on amazon.com. Newest Lenovo Tab 10 Tablet PC, 10.1" HD Touchscreen, Qualcomm Quad-core Processor 1.30GHz, 1GB Memory, 16GB Storage, Wifi, Bluetooth, Webcam, Up to 10 hours battery life, Android 6.0 OS
  14. I got to the recovery menu and ran "wipe cache partition" and then "wipe data/factory reset", like you suggested. I got white letters in the lower left side of the screen saying "cache wipe complete" and "data wipe complete". I entered "reboot system now" and when it came on, it did the same thing again, showing the "Unfortunately system UI has stopped" message, and cutting off and on, over and over. Should I try disconnecting and reconnecting the battery next?
  15. I got to the factory reset function and clicked it but the tablet won't reset. It just stays the same, and does the thing where it boots and the window "Unfortunately system UI has stopped" comes on, then it shuts off, and repeats that over and over. I tried factory reset several times with no luck. If I disconnected the battery and reconnected it, could that help?
  16. I have a fairly new Lenovo Tab 10 tablet (two months) that said it needed an update so I started it going. It seemed to freeze, so I powered it off and turned it back on, but now it wont come on all the way. I just get a black screen and a window that says "Unfortunately system UI has stopped". It turns itself off over and over, coming back on with this same message appearing. I tried to do a factory reset, but all that happens is it clears it but never resets it. I tried to reset it by going to the Chinese language screen, where I was supposed to find some English letters, MMC, I think, to e
  17. Hi. I have a Nexus 10 tablet. I recently bought two new Sandisk 128 GB thumb drives to use with it but my tablet wont play them unless they're formatted NTFS. If I format them as exFAT, the tablet won't recognize them, showing the message "No valid FAT32 or NTFS partition has been found on your USB device ERROR _9" . I bought the "USB OTG File Manager for NEXUS" program from amazon, as the tablet doesn't come with an app to connect USB devices. I went through my older thumb drives and tried them and they were either NTFS or FAT32 and one exFAT and they played alright. Why do my new t
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