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  1. Hi. I've been having a problem when I go to my nearby Subway sandwich shop. I take my tablet and Seinheiser Bluetooth/wired headphones every time and mainly watch YouTube videos while I'm there. When I use their free Wi-Fi, which is Comcast, I believe, and used to have no problems with a few years ago, and try to watch a video with my headphones switched to Bluetooth, the videos will freeze before long and buffer non-stop and never play, but when I switch off the Bluetooth and use the headphones wired, the same videos play with no problem. For some reason they wont play with the Bluetooth switched on. Podcast audio plays with no problem with the Bluetooth but not videos. But, with the same tablet and headphones, when I switch over and use the Xfinity Wi-Fi service that's temporarily free, and use Bluetooth with my headphones, YouTube videos play fine. No freezing or buffering non-stop at all. I'm wondering why I have problems with the free store Wi-Fi but not the free Xfinity service? I can do fine with my headphones wired but still am curious as to what the problem is. Maybe some equipment needs to be moved further away from their router or something. Thanks for any explanations.
  2. So would there be any difference in battery size between my tablet being a 10.8 inch and the battery for sale being for a 10.1 inch tablet?
  3. Hi. I bought a new Chuwi Hi9 Plus 10.8 inch tablet ten months ago and have been using it a few hours everyday. It has a ten hour battery but now it says I only get 6 hours at 100% charge. I've been looking for a replacement battery for it but just found batteries for other brands, except for one battery for a Chuwi 10.1 inch tablet. The back of the tablet says Input 5v=2A Type :CWI515. Does anybody here know where I can get the right replacement battery for my tablet? Thanks for any help.
  4. Well, it's finally working again. Just something wrong on YouTube's end. It sure took them long enough. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, that's it. New comments will show up but older ones that used to load don't, and I just get the spinning wheel thing at the bottom that doesn't stop.
  6. I wonder what the problem is and why it's taking so long to fix? Really strange. Thanks anyway.
  7. Hi Tx Redneck. The comments will show OK when I'm at a YouTube video I commented on. It's when I go to my YouTube History page and select comments to show all my comments on different YT videos, that things go wacky. I'm using Windows 10. Maybe a recent upgrade messed things up? I can't find anything about it except for the website I mentioned. Maybe a complete reinstall?
  8. For a couple of weeks now, when I go to my YouTube history page and select comments, only a few of my comments show up, the latest ones, while all the others that should be showing up don't load. I just get that loading, progress wheel thing going around and around forever. I found a website where a bunch of other people are having the same problem and can't find a solution. It happens in Chrome or Firefox. Anybody here know what's going on and what can be done to fix it, if anything? Is it YouTube? If it is, why haven't they fixed it by now? Thanks for any help.
  9. I tried the MediaMonkey app and it works like a charm. I can rip my CDs in WAV format, like I like to, and it adds the album and song titles, and I can add the album cover art too, which WMP wouldn't let me do when using WAV format. Now I'm better off than before. I have a sizable CD collection and I was pretty concerned. Thanks a million, Jacee!
  10. Hi. I have a Lenovo Ideapad 110 laptop that's about two years old. It had some problems so I had to reinstall the OS. Now, when I rip a CD to the Windows Media Player app on it, it wont add the titles of the CDs or the names of songs like it used to just a few weeks ago. I read that the service that adds titles to songs in WMP was stopped for Windows 7 but still works for Windows 8 and above. I tried reinstalling the WMP app, and other suggestions to fix it, but still have the same problem. If anybody can tell me how to get WMP to add the names of CDs and song titles I rip on WMP again, I'd really appreciate it. It would save me a lot of typing.
  11. Sorry I'm so late replying. Thanks for the advice Signman and Tx Redneck.
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