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  1. Hey Andrew. Everything is backed up, but I had to set it up as a slave in another comp to do it.
  2. Hey Stormy.....Sundin gonna resign with the Leafs? Back to business, I don't recall seeing that option anywhere in the BIOS.
  3. That's the thing. The SATA drive I'm trying in her computer is my own, which works fine because, well, it's what I'm using as I type this. Her computer won't pick it up...at all. I've tried both available SATA plugs on the mobo (the blue and the white) and both available power supply plugs (P8 and P9). The only drive she had was an IDE/ATA drive, which I've confirmed is on the way out. I'm fine with suggesting to her to get another IDE/ATA drive, but my concern is twofold. 1)Availability-the last time I tried to get one a couple of years ago it took a little hassle. Not much, but some. 2)Why won't it pick up the SATA drive and is it an indication that there's something wrong with the mobo? In keeping with point 2, I've had another IDE/ATA drive hooked up to it to see if the mobo was damaged, but it worked fine.
  4. I've gone into the BIOS but don't see where to change that. Even if I unplug the IDE/ATA drive and just use the SATA drive, it doesn't show up in the Boot anywhere...it isn't even listed under available HDDs, in the boot order or anywhere.
  5. Hey CB. When I plug in another older type drive (that uses the wide ribbon cable), one from another comp that works, it will get picked up and boot into Windows, so that part of the mobo is fine. When I try to plug my newer drive (that uses the very narrow blue cable), from my comp that I know works, into the plug indicated by the bottom arrow in my pic, it doesn't get picked up. If the newer drive (which I assume is a SATA drive) doesn't get picked up, could it be a mobo prob in just that area?
  6. Thanks mel. Would you believe I was on the ACER site and couldn't find that? The HDD that came with the computer uses the ribbon cable and can be seen on the right in the pic still in the bay. I guess it would be an IDE ATA drive. It worked fine until recently, and a substitute IDE ATA drive works fine in its place. I plugged my drive, which is from a newer comp into the blue SATA plug(bottom arrow), which is identical to the one in my own computer just to see if it worked, and it doesn't. I would have assumed that it would simply be a matter of plugging the SATA drive in way to go. But it doesn't get picked up at all. It doesn't even show up in the BIOS.
  7. Hey all. I’m trying to help a friend out with a HDD issue. I’ve determined that her serial (I guess that’s what it’s called) drive is on the way out and suspect that she will need a new one. Her motherboard has what to me looks like the plug for an ATA drive so I tried putting the ATA drive from my computer in hers but it doesn’t get picked up at all. Any idea what gives? She has to get a new HDD and will most likely be unable to find a serial drive, forgive me if the terminology is incorrect, so she’ll need an ATA one I suppose. Here’s a link to a pic of the motherboard to illustrate my point. Note one arrow pointing to power plug and another arrow pointing to ATA port on motherboard. Motherboard Her comp: Acer Aspire T135 Motherboard number: k8vm800mae Any thoughts? What am I missing?
  8. I use Paintshop Pro 7 for most of that, but I'm not particularly fond of the red eye removal tool. For that I use Picasa. Their red eye removal tool is easy to use and pretty effective.
  9. I don't have to worry about that problem, kd5.
  10. Wow....Bill O'Reilly must be getting some gray hairs over that.
  11. Funny....isn't it?It's usually cheaper to fly there than it is to Alberta too....go figure.
  12. How do you change something....I spelled my name wrong, left out the 'r'.
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