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  1. I've gotten a wireless adaptor that's restored my Internet. I'll try updating my motherboard drivers next. Thank you again for all of your help! I'll report back on what the driver update did for me. I'm dreading the amount of money I'll have to drop to replace the motherboard, ugh. Probably upgrade my chip and psu while I'm in there.
  2. After waiting for a week for the adaptor, I gave up and bought a new wireless card of the same make as my current card. I pulled apart the machine, installed it, and continued to have the same issue. I wondered it the port I had put it in had gone bad, so I switched it to my lower port on my motherboard. This only worsened the issue, the port appears to not be getting power? The machine now fails to recognize any networking hardware, the lights on the back of my card don't come on. I have no idea. I'm exhausted from ripping the machine apart 6 times. Do I need a new motherboard? Is this what a motherboard failure looks like? I've run out of ideas.
  3. I probably owe both of you kind friends some sort of baked good for walking me through this, I really appreciate it. My friend said he'd be over tomorrow with the adaptor, I will update tomorrow on the findings.
  4. Pulling the wireless card and reinserting it provided no change. A friend has a wireless adaptor, I will try to bribe him with baked goods to bring it over in the next day or two. Any other ideas in the meantime? I'm personally starting to suspect my wireless card has failed. I can't think of any reason I'd be experiencing this sort of failure so suddenly after no other changes. Also, since I have failed to mention it this far, I am running windows 7 on the machine. After poking around with more panels, I am seeing "attempting to Authenticate" when the connection tries to hit the router. It appears to be failing to "Authenticate", however.
  5. I have had some heavy fan vibration lately, could be creep. Before I prod at its insides: There was no Check in the proxy server box. After trying the .bat file, it appears the connection is still failing to connect. Results after trying the .bat : I am getting 5 different connections listed. The first two have different Physical Addresses, the second two both have 0's. I tried a wireless adaptor before I got my dedicated card, and it looks like the first listed connection is the adapter and the second is my card. They are different by only the ending number. The card info is as follows: Physical Address: 10-BF-48-FB-B6-4E DHCP Enabled: Yes No IPv4 or Default Gateway is listed under any connection. The three additional listed connections are "Tunnel Adaptors". All are listed as "Media Disconnected". Er... I guess I'll go prod around inside my machine now, see if maybe my issue is card creep! Thank you so much for your help, friends. I managed to put the machine together but I'm rubbish when it comes to the software side of machines. I could swap out a power supply and day of the week but this has all just mystified me. I really need to learn more about running the thing! I will report back once I've tried the card.
  6. Hello friends, I am having an issue and have tried a variety of fixes with no luck, so I am turning to the Internet. I have tried searching forums for resolutions to my issue, but found only solutions I have already tried or got "it just started working again". I have a beautiful rig I built myself. The desktop is my baby. I've had it for two years now and have yet to have an issue with it. On Wednesday I began to have connectivity issues late at night in the middle of a game with friends. The Internet dropped and would only return intermittently for several seconds before dropping again. I turned off the computer and called it a night, under the assumption the issue was with the router. It has acted this way before and last time it was an issue with a downed wire (though we have switched providers since then). Today I turned on my machine and it failed to connect to the Internet. Upon further exploration, I found that the computer was able to identify our home network, but when I attempted to connect it failed. The issue seems to be between the desktop and the router. All other devices in the household have access to the Internet, including two pc laptops, an Xbox one, and an iPod. Troubleshooting told me it was unable to identify the issue. I reset the router and the computer and tried again without success. I reset the connection without any luck. I turned off the firewall and tried to connect. I made a guest account on the desktop and tried to connect. I signed in to the router settings and checked there were no blocks on my machine (I would not put it past the other members of the household to put some sort of restrictions on my machine while fumbling around in the router settings). I pinged my machine with the router and got nothing back. When I viewed my hardware, the machine said it detected the wireless card and that it was working. The card has a reset button on the back I pressed. Connecting directly to the router via a cable is not an option, as the router and the desktop are on entirely different sides of the house. Signal strength has never been an issue despite this, and neither the router nor the desktop has been moved in the past week. The computer sees the connection and tells me a connection is available. When I try to connect to our network, it gives me an error. I have not made any changes what so ever to my system in the past week. I have not installed or uninstalled any software or hardware of changed any settings. I'm at my wit's end. I'm not entirely computer illiterate, so it is frustrating to hit such a wall. I just want to play games with my friend. Is it possible the wireless card simply failed? It still appears to be working blinking-light and connection-detection wise. Would you have any suggestions on what to try next? Thanks!
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