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  1. OK, thanks for the info. I'll be calling them back tomorrow since they haven't called me back since my last contact. Thank you for all your help in determining the source of the issue
  2. OK, but then what should I do or talk to my ISP about to fix the issue then? And why is the IP address causing the issue if it really is the cause, and just for this one site? Thank you for all the help so far, but I'm still confused as to what exactly is wrong and what needs to be done to fix it.
  3. Well I had made the post with the same IP, I only edited it once it changed, I don't know if that makes a difference. Does this post show as the same IP for you as well? I've made contact with my ISP and am just waiting on a callback at the moment.
  4. I was able to get to vanguard using the proxy, I am about to try resetting the IP on the router. I will update once I've done that. Edit: I have gotten my external IP to change by leaving it off for a while and tried getting to vanguard with the different IP but it still gives the same page cannot be displayed error. The proxy server route still works.
  5. The same same is happening for that link. Page tries to load for a bit and then a page cannot be displayed error.
  6. I had had already tried flushing the dns with just the release,renew, and flush in the command prompt before and I just now did the .bat file as you suggested. It didn't fix the issue on any of my machines.
  7. Whenever I try to go to vanguard.com I get a "page cannot be displayed" error after about 30 seconds of it trying to load. This happens on all of my devices (Windows 7 PC, Windows XP PC, Mac book, and Galaxy S3) on all of the browsers (mostly Chrome and IE) when I am connected to my home network. When my phone is on 3G instead of WiFi it can connect to vanguard without issue. I had a similar issue before with vanguard and a few other sites and fixed that by updating the firmware on my router. So far I've tried updating my modem and router, resetting settings, adding vanguard to trusted sites, re-installing java, flushing the DNS, using different DNS hosts, and calling my ISP, all to no avail. I've seen older posts on here with the same issue and tried the suggesting there but they didn't work either. Any help is greatly appreciated as this is a very frustrating issue!
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