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  1. Sorry for not getting back in touch. I ended up just setting a new profile up and it worked for a day or two, after that it went to the black screen but took ages to load up. Now after doing nothing and just carried on using it, its fixed itself weirdly enough! Thanks for all your help though guys! Much appreciated.
  2. Hi Caintry_boy, I know for a fact it is not down to whether it is a genuine copy or not. The OS is an OEM that came with PC's and Laptop's when bought. The PC's are only a few month hold when bought, but I have noticed it has started happening with my Grandad's laptop also. Seems to be an issue going round with the look of things. From research on the internet it varies, as some people can access task manager (CTRL, ALT + DEL) and some cannot. Personally I thought it might have been from a Windows Update as I know there has been some in the past causing issues. It only seems to be when log
  3. Hi All, In the past week or so I have come across Windows 7 Laptops and PC's having an issue with logging in to profiles. When you have inserted the password and gone to log in a black screen appears with a moveable cursor, but the task manager will not appear. On a couple of PC's it finally logs in after a period of time, others it does not, unless it would be a longer waiting process for it. Does anybody know what the issue is and how to resolve it? Best regards, Ash
  4. Has anyone any idea how you can link the google drive to a NAS drive that would be used as default storage to sync?
  5. In the end what we have found for the wired problem with the internet, is that the ip address seems to be changing on its own to something different. We set the ip address back to what it should be and it worked. However, i dont think the problem is the same with the wireless.
  6. I did notice however and forgot to mention on the laptops with the connection problem, it was creating a new profile. Basically i booted up the laptops and they were coming up saying 'network name' 2. here i tried to merge the 'network name' 2 with 'network name' (which is the original, working network profile. why is this happening? i will try the above at a necessary time and will get back to you once tried. The laptop was accessed with administrative rights. every other laptop could be accessed, same with the pc's.
  7. the problem is based within the business itself. I have reset router, i have done a dnsflush via cmd, i have uninstalled and reinstalled the network adaptor. resetting the network adaptor has worked on a couple of laptops, bot not others. the part where i said it wont let me gain access was that specific laptop i sorted. it would not let me gain access to the internet options. why i dont know haha. i have looked in the rest of the laptops internet connections and all are clear. Today however, it has started on our apple mac pc's. one is connected via ethernet and the opther wifi. it seems to b
  8. For some reason the it wont let me access it :S however i have tried the ipconfig /flushdns etc and it hasnt worked. I am getting an error message when i click the windows diagnosis and saying Windows can't communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server)
  9. I uninstalled also the wireless network driver and then reinstalled it and it worked on some laptops and not the others. the problem still persists.
  10. The problem is through the wireless connection, not hardwired ethernet.
  11. also i am running windows 7 OS. I have also done a ping to google website using the IP address and it is sending and receiving 4 packets with no loss.
  12. I am currently having an internet connection problem. The laptop i have been using has been connected to the internet before, now it would not connect. On one connection it is allowing me to connect to one wireless network, but shows the limited internet connectivity sign and says no internet access. The other connection just does not allow me to connect. It appears with the error message unable to connect to "network name". I know that the routers are fine as other laptops and computers are connected. I have tried applying the correct IP addresses in to the DNS Adapter settings in the IP
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