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  1. Watched it today, loved it. The added battle scenes were awesome and altogether it explained much more. Now to tackel the Matrix 10-disc collection.
  2. That camera takes some good pics, now to edit them!
  3. Well I'm not one to watch wrestling, but I'll enjoy viewing and being entertained by this art! Hope our troops (and not theirs) have a safe and joyus Christmas.
  4. I'm for the Creative Zen merely because it ISN'T a trendy Ipod. Back when I bought mine, they were the 'underdog' and they were cool because no one had them. Now you can't go 10 seconds without hearing about Ipods. They've become as passe as Louis Vuitton hand bags, and now that everyone has one, there are a lot of other better players coming out at cheaper cost.
  5. I understand the stress, but where did the "can't sleep, Ronald McDonald will eat me" stem from? Are you having wierd dreams where you're being eaten by a fast food clown? Not that's traumatizing.
  6. Yikes, it's been a while since I've experienced that kind of low temperature. Whenever I think it's too cold, I think of when I was in Antartica or in Nepal, and it was -160F., then I feel a bit warmer. When I'm feeling hot, I think about the National Championchips in 1994 where we played in 126F heat, on one day the temps rose to 135+ and some of the fields caught on fire. Stay warm man.
  7. We're supossed to hit 70F tomorrow.
  8. My friends and I went over to one of our rival High School's one night, they were playing us in the Homecoming football game that year. They (Bothell High School) had a reader board that said something to the effect of "Woodinville VS Bothell Homecoming Game, Pop Keeney Stadium" and then the date. Well we (Woodinville) put up our own message reading " Bothell Sucks Falcon Nuts" then the date of the game. It was pretty cool, even the VP liked it, although he was required to give us all the manditory 2-day suspension. Later in the year during soccer season, our entire team proceeded to plaster our coach's car in about 4000 rounds of various colored paintballs, we covered every inch. He was cool with it (he was the kind of coach that brought popsicles to practice and we'd all lay on the field getting tan, eating popsicles and watching the girls practice), we washed it of later that night. Again we received a 2-day suspension due to a city law prohibiting any gas-powered gusn on certain properity, we served our time after the end of the season. Do something original, that won't get anyone hurt, and be prepared to take responsability for your actions.
  9. Jazzy, You've got one GOOD look'en "gal" there, and you know how strict my taste is. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Brits and Yanks, and all the fish in the sea that seperates us. :santagrin:
  10. It's hard to tell if he's puking or taking a leak.
  11. Good to hear, Merry Christmas.
  12. Innominate, Did you receive your gift? Bill L said he'd received his on monday, just wanted to know if it arrived ok.
  13. Ouch, here's the weather in jolly old Bel Air. Be safe.
  14. Cool, thanks, I sort of figured that would be the case. Yep the image data is definately what's important/valuable, backing up to DVD's and defraging are daily (sometimes many times daily) tasks.
  15. Yea, everything is grounded, surge-protected, and hooked up to UPS's.
  16. Well I'm talking more about "using" computers and I'm spending lots of time sitting and either playing PC games or working images in Photoshop, but I get the point. I'm just going to be cautious and not chance it, the EBI people didn't know for sure either. I've used it while watching TV or playing Xbox and such, but I'm much further away. Maybe I'll pick up a rubber Haz-Mat suit. Thanks.
  17. Hey Chop maybe you can help me with this given your computer/electronic and medical knowledge. I now have a bone stimulator, it's an EBI Bone Healing System to be exact, I wear it on my stump about 10 hours a day. I notice that I carry a high amount of static charge after wearing the device and usually end up "discharging" on my wife's unsuspecting body for kicks and giggles. The question is, are the electro-magnetic pulses strong enough to disrupt computer equipment that isn't shielded? I'd like to wear the device while working on the computer, but I'm afraid it might zap something and ruin some equipment, or have some kind of adverse effect on electronics.
  18. I'll follow, never. I don't see how Windows is "unstable," people to do have problems with Windows usually creat their own plight (my parents for example) by not knowing what their doing, then there's the people that go to certain sites and do certain things that invite and engcourage "bad" things to happen. Every OS has it's flaws, but come on, bashing M$ is practically a international sport, it's just the popular thing to do. I'm using FireFox now, and I like it, but IE definately wasn't horrible the way some people make it out to be. People just like to blame something for all their problems, these days it usually ends up being MS or the President. If you have a problem with your computer, then take a look in the mirror, chances are your're the cause. I've been using computers since 1995, and have been an avid user since about 1998. I've contracted 1 virus (actually my Mom managed to cause this), and the only crashes I've encountered have been due to overclocking or an driver issues. Most of my systems have NEVER crashed, and I can count on one hand the total times my OC'd systems have crashed over the last year. I also now get ZERO spyware/malware, and when I used IE I'd maybe have Adaware detect about 10 items per week. If you don't like Microsoft, that's fine, but they still put out a dang awesome OS.
  19. Yikes! Reason #214 not to shop at Target or Wal-Mart.
  20. I knew the origins for many of those traditions, but not all, it's an interesting subject in which to explore the true meaning since it's pretty much the cultural backbone of Western Civilization. CC, why/when do the Polish do that, does it have anything to do with upside down crosses perhaps?
  21. Only 2 days until judging begins on the Avatar contest and we only have 13 entries, so grab a paintbrush and toss on a beret, let's see some more art!
  22. Do you edit very large files of any kind? If no, then just get the graphics card, no point in buying more RAM just for the sake of having more RAM.
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