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  1. Yes, let's all revert to a form of mass denial, that's always a healthy way to deal with a situation.
  2. True, it's amazing that neighboring New Zealand doesn't have any of these creatures. I was talking about this with my parents who've been visiting for the holiday's, tomorrow they leave for New Zealand for perminant residence and citizenship.
  3. OK man, you sure know your geography! I guess all of North and South America are just one big island in your atlas.
  4. In your opinion maybe, but that's simply not the facts.
  5. Where are you getting this info, because it's grossly incorrect, look in any dictionary, then argue with that.
  6. Not really, there's seven continents, all other land (not a part of one of these continents) is an island.
  7. An island is a land mass surrounded by water that specificly ISN'T a continent.http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book...=island&x=0&y=0 Otherwise all the land on earth would be considered "islands," and there would be no need for the term "continent."
  8. Just so ya know, Greenland is the largest Island in the world, Australia is not an island, there's also a pretty big difference in size between the US and Australia, about 1.6 million km. I was born in the US, my grandparents hailed from Sicily, Naples, and Marseilles, originally we're from Israel if you trace far enough back.
  9. Perhaps you can put aside our differences for a few seconds and contribute to helping others in dire need.
  10. Been doing it for two days, and never said I was leaving, I'm urging people to donate 10% of what they spent on Christmas... I've sent 200% but everything helps.
  11. I already have, you're about 2 days late.
  12. Then what's the snide rolling of eyes. You're "deflecting" as it's called in psychology, but instead of arguing with the likes of you, I have important things to attend to, like helping organize mass refief aid to the region, later. Enjoy those Christmas presents.
  13. Adctually I don't, and it's sick that you'd joke about such.
  14. Less "talk" more ''do," about good time to get out those checkbooks and make a difference.
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