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  1. Hmmm. Sygate rocks but not compatable yet in my testing. Vista is very finicky yet, shame on Billy! PCTools has a FREE firewall that is the best so far IMHO. Joost
  2. Hi kd5, Can't get there from what you are trying. Options would be using a non NTFS drive, using a third party utility like Partition Magic, or what I would do would be to use a free Linux distro to wipe the drive and then use the Me boot disk to re-format. Just a few ideas. Good Luck. Ciao, Joost
  3. Since this seems to be an increasing problem from jerks with nothing better to do, anyone concerned about being "rooted" should grab a copy of 'RootkitRevealer' from Sysinternals. It's free. Ciao, Joost Let's not be playing games with the word filter--IG
  4. TheJoost


    Hi HUGED1, Sorry for the bad info, I thought trying a simplistic approach was the best start. I'm assuming you are talking about the splash screen with the WinMe logo? When I used to run WinMe I disabled it in a different fashion that I didn't really want to take the time to type instructions for, but it looks like I might as well. First let me say that it's a very good idea to set a restore point before doing any tweaking, just in case. Go to Start> Programs> Accessories> MsDos Prompt and in the dos box type> attrib -r -s -h c:\msdos.sys and hit Enter. Now type> notepad c:\msdos.sys and hit Enter. You should now be in notepad, so put your cursor at the end of the line that says Options and hit Enter to add a new line. Now type> logo=0 and save the file and close notepad. Now you should be back in the dos box so type> attrib +r +s +h c:\msdos.sys and hit Enter and close the dos box. Pay attention to the spaces and make sure you type 0 and not the letter O. Reboot and the splash screen should be history. Ciao for now, Joost
  5. TheJoost


    I could be mistaken, but if I remember correctly there is not a boot.ini tab available under WinMe. Just rename the files and check to see if it has the desired effect. You can always change it back. And yes, once renamed you can delete them. Ciao
  6. TheJoost


    Hi HUGED1, Do a search for logow.sys, logos.sys, and logo.sys and rename them to .old or just delete them. Ciao
  7. Sorry, no offense intended. And I agree that help is more important than humor, as that is my usual Motus Operandi. I just found the previous statements to be somewhat absurd. And I don't believe the thread is a joke! Again, my apologies. Ciao for now, Joost
  8. On-screen keyboard! How 'bout more Bing and less Bong? Eh?
  9. Hi dragnmastr85, I could be wrong but it looks like the case you are eyeballing has the removeable clear acrylic panels on the front. Just unscrew them and insert whatever you like behind them, or paint the backsides, just use your imagination. I am buying a shuttle mini case in a couple months and it has the same acrylic panels on it, will be tricking that baby out for sure! Happy Holidays to all!! Ciao for now, Joost
  10. Hey Pvt. Ryan, I just sent you an e-mail to respond to. If you would like more detailed assistance feel free to contact me and we can clear this up for good. Happy Holidays to all!!! Ciao, Joost
  11. Hi all, 9600XT is the best bet for your money. It only has 4 pipelines but is very fast, overclockable out of the box, and if you can still find one the Sapphire 9600XT Lite will save you a couple bucks as it doesn't have a software bundle with it! I saw one a few days back for $165.00 U.S. I thought I saw it at Newegg but I don't see them anymore, you might check around though! Happy Holidays to all!!! Ciao for now, Joost
  12. Hi Drovers Dog, That is not true. Simply using the search\find files and folders will not give you registry keys. The only way to clean up entirely is to use a registry cleaning program or do it manually, providing you know what you are doing. And even then it's possible to miss something as sometimes the install or setup program uses an obscure name to hide info in folders and the registry. Happy Holidays to all!!! Ciao for now, Joost
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