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  1. I emailed your customer service and they told me to go to Safe Mode with Networking, open PCMatic and then the Options gear. I checked Malware full scan and scanned my computer again, but this time with a full scan and not a quick scan. It did not report that it removed anything, but after I restarted computer in normal setting and went to browse internet, it has all be fixed!!!!! I'm so happy as it was driving me crazy. Even my non browsing functions were sluggish. Thank you so much for the more specific help through email with customer service.
  2. In addition I ran the PcMatic software and did two full scans already. In the tips the only software the scan says could be disabled from running every time is adobe. The scans report no virus and claims that all issues were fixed. It is listed in the Top 46% now after starting in the bottom 42%
  3. Thank you Terry for the post. I have been unable to conduct an overdrive test as the screens will not display even after waiting long periods of time. I bought the computer from Overstock.Com. Here is the description right off the receipt: HP DC7800 2.66 GHZ 4GB 1TB Win 7 Minitower PC (Refurbished) - HP DC7800 MT C2D - 2.66/4096/1TB/COMBO/W7P(64 bit) Initially it browsed like normal, then it seemed to get really sluggish at certain times of day (I'm on Time Warner Cable Wireless). Now it will hardly browse at all. I have unfortunately exceeded the 30 day return period, pl
  4. My sister just informed me that her computer was hijacked and the thief got into her PayPal account and took over $11,000 out before PP declined due to being over her limit. Then the thief went and stole $6000 from her bank account. I don't know if she responded to a phishing email or not, but I'm glad you're posting warnings.
  5. I recently purchased a refurbished HP Windows 7 desktop. I also have a Mac laptop that is fairly new. I'm using a wireless modem with earthlink.net. My speed when browsing using my Mac is just fine. It's fast and what you'd expect it to be. But it takes this Win7 about 30-60 seconds or more to open a website. It even took forever today just to get the PCMatic control board to open. And I've also noticed a much slower process in getting pages to print. Before I try to get a refund on this refurbished computer, I thought I'd try to see if it can be fixed somehow. Testing the
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