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  1. Thank you both Y and Tx Redneck. Much appreciated help. Benn
  2. Thanks for your explanation, Y I've also been using Smart Defrag 5 from iObit - do you have a suggestion to replace that, too? Best, Benn
  3. Hello All, Last night I ran a PC Matic scan which determined a whole long list of IObit files were malware - these were for free installs of Uninstaller and Smart Defrag 5 - neither works today. What's interesting is that these IObit programs and PC Matic have co-existed on my PC for years and I'm confused by this change. Machine runs on Win 10 32 bit Your input, much appreciated. Thanks, Benn
  4. The machine I am struggling with is called Benn OverDrive would not work in IE11 so I uninstalled IE11 and let Windows re-install IE8. I created a Test account and then ran OverDrive twice anonymously as I couldn't sign in because links were over the sign in boxes On finishing scanning I got a page stating that due to an error results were not available, or something similar. This is frustrating and seems overly complex
  5. Hello petronious, It's good to know I am not alone though sorry to hear you have the same, frustrating problem... I have followed all the tech support recommendations but the problem remains and is worst when booting my pc - then everything is VERY slow. The updates are not grabbing resources and the internet signal is reasonably fast (around 10 to 11.5 Mbps) but my computer remains sluggish and fairly unresponsive during the relatively long update. I am experiencing this for the second time today... What's your experience?
  6. Currently updating - the third time I know of in two days - at least 20 minutes so far. I'm beginning to wonder if Super Shield is corrupt? bandwidth: 11.74 and 1.07 BTW, I like the sense in you mail footer. Very wise.
  7. Hello IntelGuy, Thank you for responding - using your London server (I am in Greater London, UK) - my speed test result averaged at 10.02Mbps (it can peak at 12Mbps) and 1.06Mbps. Knowing I have speeds like this as a norm, I am surprised the update is so slow... Best, Benn
  8. Hello, When Super Shield definitions update my relatively quick machine is very slow. Very few resources are used but, with updating taking a long time - sometimes up to 90 minutes - working becomes a grind. My concerns: duration of updating process and the effect process has on my machine's performance. Please advise what can be done. Many thanks, Benn Spec. Win 7 Home Premium CPU Intel core duo 3ghz 3.2 gig RAM
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