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  1. Ah well, seems I've established a permanent connection. Seems as though is was a mixture of things, from not having the right drivers, to it being plugged into a bad port on the router. Anyways Thanks Y for all your help. I'll come back should I run into anymore problems.
  2. Well, I got internet connection and am currently posting from the rig. I found that the Ethernet Controller drivers were missing. But now it's back to doing what it did with win7. Where I have connection for a little bit then it goes out. I'm using macshift to reset my mac address and reestablish a connection when it goes out, but it's very frustrating and the connection can last anywhere from 5 seconds to 40 minutes. Any clue as to what might be going on? Also I am plugged into a router (Comtrend Wireless ADSL2+ Router CT-5361T). I'll try a different port. I'm not able to try a different cable, however I can verify that the cable is fine, as I can use it on my laptop and my WII as well as checked and verified by 2 other computers.
  3. Ok so I finally got it to find macshift, changed connection name to connection1 Cmd command line "macshift -r -i connection1 Macshift reset the adapter, no change on the status of my problem, still not connected.
  4. Ok, so, a few nights ago I put windows 7 on my XP rig. It's one of my older rigs and have had it for about 6 years. However I've had an emachine (used for testing files) older than that but still works. It's been put through more crap than any of my computers, so when my friend said that the rigs got faulty hardware I couldn't believe him. Back to the story, I put windows 7 on it and it started having problems connecting to the internet (like it would connect for a few minutes then disconnect). In hopes that win7 was just being a pain in the :filtered:, I installed winxp back. After doing so I have NO connection at all! It's like it just disappeared from my computer. I checked it's connection status and it says "Connected 400mbps". Buuuuuut, it has no address type, IP address, subnet mask, or default gateway. They are all empty.. I tried the hard connection on my laptop, wii, and other desktops and the ethernet seems to work fine and hasn't severed or been cut anywhere. So what exactly is happening here? Could it be a faulty hardware issue? Perhaps it can't find the right drivers? Maybeit's just old and dumb... Also I've already done IP config/renew/release. So we can rule those out as solutions as well as drivers for the hardware as I've done that too. :2LDR; Had connection, installed win7, lost connection, reinstalled xp, still no connection, already done IP config/renew/release as well as new drivers. Thanks in advance for all the help!
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