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    Ram:1GB Video: 512MB 64BIT Amd radeon hd 3650 Processor: Amd athlon xp 2000+ Hard: 80GB+40GB + 1TB USB 3.0 DVDRW
  1. I think that the best sentence is FU** STEAM ,no ?
  2. ETS 2 and Spec Ops are downloaded from torrent,no steam I bough an powerfull laptop ,now i can move my pc to trash. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD - work Beyond Space - don't work... Epoch work?
  3. @ssdd Spec ops don't work beacause your video card,on my pc work,i finished it and euro truck simulator 2 i downloaded it and on my ppc work without lag or anything
  4. Enemy Front don't work. Sniper Elite v2 don't work.
  5. Transistor not update 8 work? Bluestacks at you work?On my pc starts then close......
  6. Dark Void from reloaded work without problem. I will try the forest. Sniperz after you will got the new pc, you will post here games tested on old pc?
  7. i think we need to send to valve and ea this message: :filtered:* you ea/valve origin/steam suc* )
  8. What's Up boys?Steam now work? I modified GTA IV and now i have: CARS: - 50 cars from GTA V - 100 cars from GTA IV BOAT: - all boats are from GTA IV HELICOPTER/POLICE HELICOPTER: - from GTA IV TRUCKS: - from GTA IV/V PLANES: - from GTA SA(GTA IV doesn't have planes) POLICE CARS: - police car from NFS Rivals - sheriff car from GTA V - cruiser car from GTA V ROADS: - like in GTA V/GTA IV/NFS RIVALS style NEW TIME CYCLE/STARS/MOON/SUN/CLOUDS/SKY NEW ANIM SYSTEM.I have GTA IV animation system,example: - in GTA SA you need to press W + LALT to walk,in GTA IV you press W to walk and now i need only to press W to walk and the walk style is like Watch_Dogs - When i standing i have left hand in pocket - stand with weapon like Watch_Dogs - runs like in GTA IV - if i run and i press CLICK it push ped in place of hit it (like in GTA IV) NEW ENGINE MOD: - i need to press 2 to stop engine (motor is off,no sound and no gas coming out of the exhaust pipe) - if i press 1 the engine start's - if i stop the engine while "running",the car after some meters stops - a parked car have engine off and a car that i kill the driver have engine started - the screen shakeing when i start the car I will try to find a light mod like in GTA IV/V.The single mod that i will add will be the v2 of anim that will be released after 1 month and the Light mod and the VOILA! You heared alot of things about Watch Dogs right?The game don't i released(27.05.2014) ,but the game is cracked ) and i was to my friend to download and play it ,the single thing that i can say is TOTALY AWESOMENESS , but is not funny like GTA V and GTA IV and is more realistic and hard.The probelm is that the game needs very much ; my friend on 2GB video,4GB RAM,2.6 DUAL Intel Sandy Bridge run the game at 25-30FPS with all at low ,800x600 and after 5-10mins of plays have 2-3seconds freeze.
  9. Arma 2 OA work but i have lag max 16fps with all at low optimized like After 42 hours of work(yes 42) i finished GTA SA to GTA IV conversion.I used 96 mods.List: - No Loading screen bar - Niko Bellic HD character - Niko Bellic from GTA IV sounds - GTA IV cars - GTA IV trucks - GTA IV helicopters - GTA IV motorbikes - GTA IV police vehicles - GTA IV public servant vehicles - GTA IV train - GTA IV burger shot with assistant - GTA IV car scratches - GTA IV laptop in house mod - GTA IV jetpack skin mod - GTA IV N.O.O.S.E. with stats - GTA IV caller ids - GTA IV cars sounds - GRIM'S weapon pack volume 3 - GTA IV weapons sounds - GTA IV open car door sound - Sky box arrange mod - New vegetation 2013 - Taxi Ride - Target mod - Vehicle names mod - HQ Buildings - HQ Roads - GTA IV Bootscreen - GTA IV Movie file - GTA IV LoadingScreen - GTA IV LoadingScreen sound - GTA IV menu - GTA IV surrender mod - GTA IV blue or red helmet mod - GTA IV lights - GTA IV BURNOUT MOD - GTA IV window feature - GTA IV camera(over the shoulder perspective ,the same angle as GTA IV) - GTA IV weapons crosshair - GTA IV tokens - GTA IV hud - GTA IV map style mod - GTA IV radar icons - GTA IV peds v5 - GTA IV shell out - GTA IV cover system - GTA IV death in car - Cleo - Asi loader - Lens flare mod - GTA IV target - GTA IV foot sounds - GTA IV animations - GTA IV bulletholes - GTA IV shadows - GTA IV peds shadows - GTA IV death effect - GTA IV GPS system - GTA IV zoom out radar mod - GTA IV phone - GTA IV RADIO - GTA IV radio hud - GTA IV radio logos - GTA IV radio names - GTA IV mission succes sound - GTA IV particles and effects - GTA IV realistic effects - GTA SA widescreen fix - GTA SA Full HD resolutions - GTA IV drive-by - GTA SA fps de-limiter - GTA SA 1024MB memory stream fix(The MB is from video card,i have 512mb but is ok to have the 1024 version) - IVLM rear light - IVLM emergency light - GTA IV car wash - GTA IV marker - Go in any house if ped is in house mod - Peds with bags ,phones and laptops - Notebook mod - Ped push mod - Ragdoll blood - SWAT M4 mod - Save game like GTA IV mod - Shoot when fall mod - GTA IV 3d marker - GTA IV handling - GTA IV font - GTA IV sniper crosshair - GTA SA fps increaser (Rockstar optimize games like ) - i got with 15FPS more with this because are 14ms delay between 2frames.....and this tool make the delay to 0 - GTA IV icon - GTA IV.exe to open game with an apllication that looks like GTA IV one(maked by me) - GTA V textures converted for GTA SA for Los Santos (some Buildings/Mountain/Beach) - IMFX lensflare v2 - cop in car fire mod - Roads Reflection mod - No flarelens when fire mod Now the game looks,feel and play's nice.Many thanks to all moders...a lot of moders. I play the game with 15-25FPS with: - Visual FX : Very High - Anti-aliased: 0 - 800x600 I have realistic shadows (look at gta iv gameplay to see how it looks) ; special fire ,weather,smoke,particle,flying stuff postprocessing and explosion effects that realy affects FPS.Without the mods i play GTA SA with 40FPS with Very High,Anti-aliased 3x(maximum),widescreen and 1360x768 and looks like a nice thing ) If you want to mod gta sa every time you want to install a mod make backup before because mine it takes 25-30 hours but because i don't had backup i needed to make the game again.and 5-8hours are from searh but you have all mod names here. Edit : I added new weapons texture hd,gunflash effect,new lens flare effect ,moon texture, moon phase effect and ilumination hd , an awesome cop feature that makes cops to shoot you through the windows if you are in a car and health in crosshair feature. SCREENSHOTS HD(1260X768) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2JAFJjwp6NXYjBrdWRGdVdtS0U/edit?usp=sharing
  10. yes , that option from steam will make your version from steam to steam beta and because you use that version you will get some free games 1-2 days and after 1-2days that games will disappear.
  11. you want steam beta to have games free for some time right?to test that games?
  12. COD Online work?I refer i can download it? Rayman Legends Work?
  13. Look on youtube for gameplay "Counter Strike Online 2 Gameplay" and read description or translate the site from your link....... Anyway...is a :filtered: if it use source engine or not is a :filtered:ty game... Call of Duty Online Official Site is closed or probably at me don't work;you can acces that site?? Terrorist Takedown 3 work.
  14. That Apex_Framework is from Warface maked with cryengine 3 and work and i thinked that probably will work because Spec Ops The Line from 2012 work and Borderlands 2 from 2012 don't work.Bioshock infinite don't work and is from 2011.....probably with Apex from warface will work. Counter Strike Online 2 (Sniperz) is a modified CS:Condition Zero and normaly it needs to work ;but it's a waste of time to download 3GB for annoying graphics and annoying gameplay Binary Domain don't work. Men of War Assault Squad 2 don't work.
  15. Ghost Recon Online don't work. Ghost Recon Future Soldier don't work. Warframe don't work. TimeShift work. Cabela's Hunting Expeditions start's then crash at loading screen(i think is from crack;because more people have this problem). Lego The Hobbit don't work. Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes don't work. Lego Batman - The videogame work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IF YOU HAVE ANY UNREAL ENGINE 3 or UDK GAME FROM 2011> THAT DON'T START TRY THIS FIX AND SAY ME IF IT WORK (Apex_Framework_x86.dll and nvtt.dll) (IF IT HAVE APEX_FRAMEWORK.DLL) Apex_Framework_x86.dll - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ouee86smbvjwmsa/Apex_Framework_x86%20SSE2%20fix.rar nvtt.dll - https://www.dropbox.com/s/4utyi3kgcx29o3n/Nvidia%20Video%20Tool%20dll%20%28sse2%20fix%29.rar The single game that i have ;maked with ue3 is Papo and Yo and at first ;freshly installed is gives me address error to nvtt.dll ,after nvtt.dll fix it gives me address error at Apex_Framework_x86.dll and after apex fix it gives me address error at Win32_ShippingPC.exe witch is the Application that opens the game.
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