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  1. Well i don't really care if my computer is wired, i wanted to go with a setup kinda like this if it is possible. Have my cable wire go into my cable modem, use a ethernet wire to plug into a wireless router? and have another ethernet run out of the router into my pc.. then if possible have the wireless router send it's signal to my 360 wireless adapter. I only really wanna make my 360 wireless as it's in another room... is that in anyway possible?
  2. I need help setting up a wireless network, see all i wanna network is my computer to my xbox 360 so they can both share the connection and i don't have to move my modem out to the tv room everytime i wanna play xbox live... but the thing is i know nothing about this, i don't know what i need, or how to set it up. I tryed looking at a few guides but they're giving me a headache more than helping.. all i know i need at the moment is a xbox 360 wireless adapter, so can anyone tell me what i need to get started and how to set it all up? Much appreciated!
  3. Hey does any1 know if nvidia's new 7800GS(AGP) is any better than theyre previous 6800 GT 256mb? if so is it worth paying like 300$ for the extra performance?
  4. Well i don't have any problems with the 360, hasnt frozen up or stuttered at all call of duty has got to be running higher than 30.. every1 says 30 is smooth but it isnt and call of duty 2 is smooth a silk, if it's constantly stuttering for you well that's not good must mean you got ripped like some other's with over heating issues, 360 not starting up... or working but not as good as it was brought up to be.(Know these via xbox forums) the only con i can see about the 360 is the launch titles there arent very many good 1's. Mine work's great play's everything very smooth, and man o man
  5. i strongly disagree with some of you're comments guys, the 360 does have advantages over the pc. Games made for the pc's are usually under developed they just rush them out.. then patch it over the month's then finally fix and/or optimize the game to work perfectly in like a year if not never, that is understandable cause every pc is different in everyway so in a way it's alot harder for the developers, so now the xbox 360 comes out which is the same thing as every1 elses with PC hardware and can run games with the same visuals as the pc with waaaaaaay better performance, cause they can
  6. well it doesnt matter what i turn down though.... if i have no AA or AF with everything on high even on 1024x768x32 then it will still stutter, But as soon as i turn down that one setting everything is fine... gah it feel like when i had my old 5700 ultra trying to get farcry to run with textures on very high Are you saying the 6800 GT is already out dated? gah why the heck did nvidia even make it if it's gonna be out dated so soon I couldnt get a 7800 GTX even if i wanted i heard they didnt make a AGP version of it, and my mobo doesnt support PCI Express. Yes my GT has 256mb, i
  7. Heyas, i was just wondering why BF2 still stutters even though i got 2 gig's of ram, and i've done every tweak i could find that say's "This fixes the stuttering in BF2" which was bs, i'm just confused is this a game issue? driver related or what? See this is the way it happends for me, i put everything on high with 1280x1024x32, then optimize the shader's... ect, and get in the game... run around a bit and everything seems to run fine.. then about 10 secs into the game everytime i turn quick it stutters and at time's when i look in a general direction it turns into a slide show, and here
  8. Yeah, i agree it has some what doom 3's graphics such as the shadowing... it's exactly the same as doom 3's, until you put on soft shadows, but the graphics isnt what makes me wanna kill some 1 for this game... it's the A.I, one time when i was playing the demo... i went into this room, and started fireing upon the 4 guys inside and they took cover, rolled and tryed to dodge my bullets, and they even knocked down a shelf for cover... so i threw a grenade on the other side and the same guy that knocked the shelf over crawls under it and continues to try and kill me. it's simply amazing wh
  9. Yeah, thank's i got SP2 and so far everything seems like it's getting back to normal... even though it took me like two day's restoring my stuff. BTW, before i tried doing the HP recovery i took my system to compusa, and i told a tech there exactly what i did and what happend ect, and he just came right out saying "Yeah, means you corrupted windows, do a re-install of xp" so just a warning to you guy's.. if you use diskeeper pro be caureful with the boot-time defragmentation feature cause that's what he said caused this. oh and before i go.... i did a pit test recently and i was wonder
  10. Okay guys, well i went ahead and used the hp recovery... and it reformated and re-installed xp... sucks i lost everything but... least i have it working now, no BSOD! But now i have another problem... now that everything is deleted i have to put everything i can remmeber back in, and well i'm having some what a bit of trouble, first off... i went straight to windows update, installed all the latest updates for my computer... but i can't seem to get it to install SP2(service pack 2) it says to use windows update but when i do that it's saying my pc is up to date, but i don't have SP2... an
  11. Well i already tryed everything under F8, and that just leads to the BSOD. At this point i'd be willing to try the repair re-install of windows... cause it seems that's the only way, will it replace the pageing file? cause i think maybe somthing went wrong when i had diskeeper defrag my page file or somthing, see everything worked fine until i ran diskeepers stupid boot-time defragmentation, even when i put in my 2gig's of memory. I'll try and look for my recovery CD... if i can find it and if i can find that mobo battery i'll try that too. oh and what exactly is a pen drive?
  12. Um, how am i supose to do that... i don't have a windows xp cd i do have this HP recovery thing which i think xp is in, i really don't wanna lose all my stuff.. i can't beleive all this from a stupid defragmenter. I can get into my bios... but i don't think it has anything to do with it... besides i dunno how to remove my mobo battery anyhow, well just to make sure i'm gonna wait for executive software (Diskeeper) respond to my email.... GOD i really hope they know how to fix this with out making me lose all my stuff. maybe i should try restoring it from when it was in the factory
  13. Nope i can't get into windows.... i don't know what to do
  14. Well i don't really understand how to do half of what the link says so... i honstesly think it's diskeeper that caused this... somthing with it's build in boot-time defragmentation, i emailed diskeeper but i'm sure that they arent gonna respond for like a week... and i'll bet everything they say wont help me, and i really can't handle waiting a week to get my gaming rig back up and running... this stinks. So anyone out there that used diskeepers Boot Time Defragmentation... that might know what's going on? please some one.
  15. Well i put in my old memory sticks and it's still coming up with the same BSOD. Yeah i've tryed safe mode but it just comes up with the same BSOD, i can't get into windows. Any ideas guys?
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