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  1. yeah, Ax... I've heard more than once that AVG is fantastic (and free) but this AVG doesn't work for me since I'm in a (humble) home network... or do you have a sollution for this ? :beer:
  2. luckily it never had to work *s*, but it's just logical. If a virus (worm) starts sending emails to ppl in your address book, you'l get a reply from your provider that "[email protected]" doesn't exist. And since you personally never sent an email to "aaaaa", you know that some one/thing has sent a mail from your account to this "aaaaa" But again : this doesn't protect you ! It only warns you that evil HAS been done... *s*
  3. that's right, Joe ... Since I have trouble intalling Norton AV, I don't use an AV program anymore. I just check mail (outlook), and anything that even looks suspicious, goes "shift-delete", I saw many virusses trying to get in, but none of them could infect my comp... everything with attachement of pif, scr, exe 18K, 26K, 30 or 31K I just kick out... The new one that opens automatic in the preview, you have to be careful with, but if you just say NO to open or save, nothing can happen. Another tric I use is the addressbook-tric. The first address in my list is [email protected] When I get an "undeliverable message" notice, I know that there's something wrong. It's too late of course, but at least I know and I can warn friends and run an (online) virusscan... and many (worm)virusses stop after finding a "wrong" address.But nevertheless, providers could make the problem much smaller... no? At least it would discourage virus writers... I think we all should put some pressure on our providers... As a matter of fact, the law should enforce them to install an AV-prog. Maybe even sponsorred by the governement. I think it's cheaper to provide providers with a tax deduction or something, then setting up a team of virus hunters. But I agree, this last statement might be a little idealistic ... *s* Last but not least, I cannot remove the idea that AV-prog companies start virusses. Who would buy their product, if their weren't any virusses anymore ????
  4. I agree, partionally. But if you buy a carton of milk, you want your "provider" too, to have him checked the product before he sells it to you, no ? Do you have a laboratory to check every cup of milk you drink ? And if there's something wrong with your milk, you're not gonna blame the cow, but you're gonna sew the supermarket, no ? If we all would put some pressure on our providers, the whole virus circus would be a least a looooot smaller, no ? Friendly greeetings, and thanks for the reply.
  5. then we would know what the "good" providers are, no ?
  6. I'm really getting SICK of these virusses. If EVERY provider installs an antivirus program on it's emailserver, then the whole virus issue will be over soon ? Am I right ?
  7. Ground is needed not so much against damaging components in your system, but it sure is needed for your safety. Know that in the power supply of you PC are voltages of 300 and more volts DC. In an "old" picture tube monitor there are voltages up to 25,000 Volts DC ! If something goes wrong inside your PSU (Power Supply Unit) or in your monitor, and such a dangerous voltage touches the metal parts of you computer case, the ground wire will lead this dangerous voltage directly to the ground. Since electricity always searches for the shortest way, it will choose to go to ground through this ground-wire instead of going through your body. So remember : a component can be changed, but not your life/body. Grounding to a cold water tube is not always a good solution. Often connections are made in plastic. Get advice from your local electrician ! Have much (safe) computer fun !
  8. A few weeks ago I deleted Gator from my comp. A few days ago I wanted to convert an not compressed .AVI into a DIVX with Ulead's Video editor, It said that it couldn't perform the action because Gator wasn't on my computer ....
  9. You're sure that all your cards (video-, sound etc.) are all properly inserted, and fastend ?
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