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  1. I want to add this here? Juliet will always be my sweetness for the Help she freely gave so many times, she is a Gem in the Pit's Crown, Mates! I hope there is more to come.
  2. Danger, Danger!! Once you get hooked into the Pit like Caintry Boy and I you can NEVER leave, Mate!
  3. As a normal Member here for many years, Mate, I can assure you that the Pit does not collect nor sell Information in anyway to my knowledge! I come here to relax, I suggest you do the same? Just so that there are no misunderstandings? I meant that you can come to the Pit and just Relax, knowing you won't get heaps of Spam, Malware, Spyware or Viruses. We all are dedicated to stamp out that Garbage, Mate, from the lowest to the Highest. All you will ever get from here is Help when you ask for it and interaction with some of the Nicest People on the Planet. Please join in and
  4. I don't think I can help you out to recover them, but can say this for the Future? I am not sure of your System or what HDD Space you have? I have a 200G Western split into 5x40G Partitions. If you don't have that sort of space, I would suggest adding another HDD as a Slave to give you more room. You will be Surprised at what you will get for well under $100, then Split it into Partitions. Each one becomes a separate Drive. If I want to work on a CD/DVD, I never add onto the old one. I save it into a Folder on one of the other Drives and call it, for example, "My Program New" then ad
  5. Try running a Test on it? Look up the Top and on the left in yellow is TechExpress Help? Click on that and follow all instructions, then after the Test Post the Results, also found under Tech Express there, back on here. Then we have an idea of your System to be able to Help you. It is safe and non intrusive.
  6. I just might have a break through. My Neighbour was here today and I showed him the Problem. Straight off he said it was Telemarketeers. I have a feeling he is right! My Phone is a silent Number and should not be available to Telemarketeers, so I never thought to look that way. This is the Log now, the 08 numbers are Telemarketeers. I think Iprimus has some work to do now to block them from this Number that we pay a Fee each Month to ensure Privacy. 7 Jan 15.22 from 464466 8 Jan 11.02 from 7774747777 8 Jan 11.02 from 777777777 8 Jan 11.02 from 777
  7. Juliet's Help is greatly appreciated by me and I know by all she has helped. This one has got up all our noses because it is really sneaky? The Pit has the Greatest Think Tank on the Planet about Computers and my Plan involves using that Think Tank to find this nice little thing before it spreads! I am a Think Tank Believer, used then right through my Business Life. Some of the Solutions have came from the lowest Employees, just because the Answer was so simple? I have had ill Health, so not able to put the Plan into operation just yet, I certainly want to Nail this! Can we all
  8. Actually Juliet has worked so hard, Mate, but them Calls keep coming in. Juliet is like most of us, just wants to see it resolved. My plan will resolve it one way or the other, I think? The Original will still be there for testing, later, rather than just throw it away. As said right from the start, this is unusual, so let's work on it?
  9. In all seriousness, this is my Plan? Please Comment on it and Advise me? I have a Spare 80G HDD, what I plan is to remove the 200G complete and reformat the 80G and Install Windows XP Home on it, I have 2 OEMs, so setting them up later as Master and Slave won't be a problem. Each will have a different Number. I plan on leaving the 200G completely out of the System for a month to resolve this. Watch the incoming Calls on the Phone and report them. BTW, I will drain the CMOS to drain Upper Memory. That should leave it squeeky clean? This is right up my nose. Any oth
  10. BTW, I have never Banked over the Net, after this, I doubt if I ever will? This thing has more Heads than the Monster Hydra, the one that Hercules faced? Thank God for the Call Display! Today at 12.10 I received a call from 54550. Yet another Funny one. Then at 14.23 I received this from this Number, 0862102300, (I show this because they were up to trying a Scam on us..) I am going to report it. It was supposedly from Telstra, our Phone Supplier from nearly a year ago, informing us we had a $70.00 Credit, from the old Account, that they wanted to reinburse us with. I said,
  11. Where you Hail from, Mate? I live in Brissie, but born in Riverina Area, Narrandera, actually. BTW I am 61, still learning too, Mate, there are some really good Young Guns here!
  12. Your best bet, Mate is to post a HJT List up in the HJT Thread. If you click on this link it will give you a how to do it Instructions and Advice. http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=36065 Once done Post it in the HJT Thread and then wait until a Trusted HJT Adviser comes along. You will get some wonderful advice, Mate. Some Information on it is here, but I would strongly advise letting the HJT Advisers guide you through it all. http://www.pchell.com/support/starware.shtml
  13. What a Crazy thing? I just checked my Charges awaiting Billing. It started off as over $125.00 then dropped to over $95.00, now stands as $6.21??????? Something smells off in the Fish Market, Mate! I am Documenting it! Funny enough, I spent some time compiling an Excel Document showing the exact use of the Account over the past 10 months, including Numbers of all Calls and Charges made during that period. It is a Spreadsheet, that noone can argue with! But even on the adjusted figures, every thing is doubled? Is it possible to get a Virus that automatically double
  14. Not from Iprimus yet, Mate. Yesterday I received a call from 888888888 and when I checked out my Charges awaiting Billing they had altered dramaticly downwards but still showing double Billing accross the board, just some calls to Mobile (Cell) Numbers were missing! Last month I had received two identical emails regarding the amount of last months Bill that is directly debited from my Bank Account. I received my Bank Statement this morning and am happy to say only one amount was deducted from my Account. (I get monthly Statements on that Account). The latest Bill is about to be iss
  15. Email to my Provider has been sent, but contains too many Personal Details for me to Post a Copy here. I think it is instructive enough to get an immediate Response, but time will tell. I will keep you all Posted on it.
  16. This HJT is from a different Newer Machine with no Memory of Dial Up? Set up the same way on the exact access to the Net? Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 5:56:00 PM, on 1/26/2008 Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600) MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180) Boot mode: Normal Running processes: C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe C:\
  17. That causes severe Personal Problems with a Family scattered al over Australia? I think I can work it out with them, they are as concerned as we are! I have dealt with them trouble free since coming on the Net, then changed my LandLine over to them. If it has actually Hacked into my Phone Account then they have a serious problem themselves, because others could be affected, and it shows other Phone Companies the Danger as well? It is normal Practise to just use the existing LandLine when converting from Dial Up to ADSL. That is why I have been so concerned to try to Document as muc
  18. ADSL comes out of the same LandLine only a different frequency? It is either one of two things, either it has been able to jump the Frequencies, or, I suspect it is dating back to my Dial Up days and has just been activated, that is why the Calls are showing up on the Call Display of my LandLine whilst it tries to activate my old Dial Up? Only thing that makes sense.
  19. Joe, My Lad has just copped a serious talk from Dad. He is very humble and apologetic! BTW, I will run the Proxy thing past my Provider, it just maybe a clue? My Dial up was using that LandLine before I switched to ADSL with the same Company? Maybe it thought I was still on Dial Up? I will keep everyone in touch with it!
  20. Seems fine, no pop ups, seems back to normal! I think the Proxy thing I will run past my Provider? Joe was worried about it, so was I, but it maybe a Clue as to why it is ringing in on my LandLine? The same Line was for my Dial up before I switched over to ADSL with the same Company? Best to let them check that one out first, I think? Thank you for all your Help, unfortunately it is a long Weekend here so I won't be able to do much until Tuesday. BTW, tomorrow is Australia Day, BBQ is on at my Place, Mates!
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