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  1. Totaly agree Andrew! Happy Vallentines' Day!
  2. We have a Saying for this? "Weak as Urine, Mate!" May they Rot in Hell for what they did!
  3. Hey, Mate, that is disgusting! Cops did that here, they would cop it from us, Mate!
  4. Goodness, some tender stuff? I thought that was a Dream?
  5. Captain, the Jolly Roger is at half Mast, Mate! You should beam it up Scottie!
  6. I just rang Kevin and Wayne, our neighbours in Brisbane, Mate. They are just no account Prime Minister and Treasurer. They are happy for anyone to get the Outfits Free, if they Support the Stop Whaling Campaign, Mate. BB would look so cute in that! Humpbacks would love him! Orcas would savour him as a nice Morsel! Best Laugh for months, Mate! Aussies call it "Taking the Micky" Poms call it "extracting the Urine" Americans call it "Not Fair" or "We don't understand ya'all?" It is just a real Joke, between really Nice Friends. The Pit is our Home. Noone wants to hurt feelings, particularly Sir T and I!
  7. Just what is your Problem? Did I upset a National Thing? Or you being a typical Kid?
  8. OMG, Jazzy, I wished you diddn't say that? I don't mind the Leeks, but Eels are Vermin here, Mate. Imported by Poms about the same time as Rabbits, Mate. I think I am going to have to cook up a nice T Bone Steak, fried onions and some nice mashed potatoes and Vegies, Mate, to get even the thought out of my mouth.
  9. Maybe it is the Leeks that go with it?
  10. One of my Favorites, Mate! http://youtube.com/watch?v=1_44i8Pqu7I
  11. Sounds like a bit of Kiwi Revenge to me, Mate!
  12. I stumbled accross this Gem, Mates!
  13. You can have a Laugh here at people sticking up for Bush. BTW, it is just a Site I Googled in the Interest of a Laugh on a Laughable Subject. http://www.english-test.net/forum/ftopic746.html
  14. That sounds about right, big fellow! (Ducks for cover)
  15. I bet that this ends up a Crappy Thread!
  16. "Just seem Dumb until they finish Growing?" (DD) Sorry I could not resist that, Mate!
  17. Could it be a clinging on to American Football before Rugby Union takes over? World Compitition seems the Go now? Ask the Bush? I know Aussies Play American Football, what Sport don't they? Not many Countries do? Nevermind Bruce, I hope your Team wins well, Mate!
  18. Pixie, her Name, is really one in a Million, this one was with a Kitten, even though Pixie HATES Cats! I think it is Maternal Instinct?
  19. It was a one in a million Snap, Mate! I titled it "Lets run off together!"
  20. I agree with most, except about letting her have a Litter of Pups! My little Girl never had Pups, she is eight years old now and just a little Angel that spends her time watching over me! She knows everyone and their Vechiles and wakes me to greet them. Strangers cannot get near the Door without her kicking up a Fuss! Picture of her with a 6 month old Pup, she is White, still has the Mother Instinct!
  21. A little off Topic, but seems to fit in here? "Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." - Ronald Reagan How many days to go?
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