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  1. Here you go, Mate! From an Expert? http://lar5.com/cube/ BTW, back in the 80s my Son, now deceased, could do it in about 30 seconds, no matter how you jumbled it up! I never mastered it!
  2. I was wondering when the "Redneck" inferred earlier would Post? Because there seems to be no control on "General Mickey Taking" towards Members here, example, "DD smokes Crack or uses a Crack Pipe" (by an Administrator that would not know me if he fell over me in his Drunken state) I hope you are not Offended, Mate? The reality of it all, Glue, and any of the deriviates of it will NEVER beat simple fusion Welding, whether it be by electric or heat! Simple techniques will ensure a dependable union between the broken Parts. Glues and all the deriviates of it rely on the strength of the bond of them that is much lower than Parent metal! Disaster, waiting to happen! Even in serious Welding, there can be a GREAT difference in just what Alloys are used in Welding! I was involved in many Critical Welding Applications, most of it is Common Sense, some can be quite Technical, nowadays, with Mig and Tig Welding it is not so bad! But still there are Applications that need Expertise to do them.
  3. There you go Brandon! http://www.techno-weld.co.uk/product.html Very interesting "How to do it" there!
  4. I agree with Bruce and Chop, get a Professional to do it! Over 30 years ago I used to Sell and Train People on how to use, Specialised Welding Materials. To a Professional, with the right Equipment it is a Snap! One thing to be VERY Careful about, Some Engines, example VW Cars, are not made of Aliminium but Manganese Alloy, that looks similar. Manganesia will explode and burn with extreme Heat if over heated! (Yep! The Gear I sold could Weld it!, same as Copper and Brass to Aliminium, but extreme care had to be taken!)
  5. Take your Fishing Rod, Mate, he is Biting real well! http://pcpitstop.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=115208 Happy Easter!
  6. Actually it is now 9.15 pm, April, 14, Good Friday, in Australia, Mate. The Time Zones mix people up some times! Happy Easter!
  7. Happy Easter, Everyone! May it bring a bit of PEACE TO THE WORLD! picture thanks to Boomie from Australian Big Brother.
  8. If you want to call Chinese a Language, I guess Muslem is the same, Mate, Both have many Dialects! There is No real Chinese Language same as Muslem, just heaps of Dialects! Each one is Different!
  9. How long would a similar Thread about Muslems last? Chinese has many different Dialects, just like Muslem! Most Asian Countries have many Dialects, Muslems are the same! Some people know Many Dialects!
  10. You better Believe that, Mate! Going to Heavan with all them bloody Virgins sound Better? That is all they were Thinking when the Big Bang Came! It is all about just What you Believe! Personally, most Christians get a bit Funny around me! I Believe in MY GOD! HE is the ONE that Guides Me! No one else! Sits right there on my shoulder, just quitely! HIS NAME IS GOD! I have no Fear to Publish HIS NAME, HE is my GOD!
  11. If We Believe the Bible? God sent His Son down to Us? Jews(Israelis, Zionists) Killed HIM! Guess God Forgave them that Killed His Son! Would you? Nope I would NEVER! Just something a little different, but still on Thread. My Daughter left her Wallet in a Cab last night, the Cabbie just delivered that Wallet! That is what the God, that I Believe in, is all about! I had typed just a bit of this, when the Cabbie came, it totally freaked me out! Guess somethings are Weird!
  12. There, you go, Mate! Is that GWB's Message is to the World, as the New Mesaih? What is different to a Bike to a Kid and a few Oil Wells to an Adult? Guess they want to be Forgiven?
  13. A Certain Roman Governor did Wash his Hands of the Matter? Pontious Pilate? I believe? I wash my hands in Milk, Mate! (That is where this saying comes from? Means I am Innocent!) I am surprised that you diddn't know about Pontious Pilate? It is in the Christian Bible!
  14. From a Non Christian, that made half sense! You forgot about the Forgivenness Jesus showed to the Jews, that Crucified HIM? The Bible shows that Jews Crucified HIM? If Jesus was not Forgiving, there would be no Israel!
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