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    I am a teacher naturally and can help anyone learn in any learning environment. Now I am focusing globally on the elearning environment and am learning more about technology and how to teach and help others to cross the digital divide.

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  1. Yes, I can verify that. We used CryptoLocker to network the office computers at the TV station where I worked. There was a scandal and with help from a detective we were able to locate some extremely "questionable content" (like potentially illegal) on 2 of the users's machines. I really had to get in there to ask questions, because the tech responsible for security on those sytems swore they would not be vulnerable. It was a close call, by any means. You just can't always trust the information, no matter what the source these days. It is critical to go in and check for yourself if you want to have any peace of mind.
  2. Have known so many others to experience this issue. I've recommended uninstall and reinstall the software, but there may also be invalid entries from installing and downloading over time. In which case, it's just as effective to run a scan and see what kind of corrupt or missing files could be causing problems. And, keep a keen eye out for malware hiding out in the registry. Right?
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