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    Dell Studio XPS 81000 Intel Core I7 2.93 GHz 16 GBs DDR3 Ram Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 Ti (don't know the rest but they should all be default.)
  1. Hey, New here, Sorry If this is in the wrong spot. This morning i go to turn my computer on to find out that i had no internet, 8 hours later of trying and i havent made an inch of progress. My computer is the only one in the house without internet both wirelessly and wired. I've rebooted the computer numerous times, rebooted the modem and router, tested 3 different ethernet cables, tried reconnecting wirelessly many different times, ran a hardware diagnostics through the f12 menu when the computer boots, and it says everything is all good, yet it still says that there is no internet conne
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